Festive Winter Yankee Candles


Christmas is a time of coming together, families and friends gathering, and spending time with loved ones and partners. With your emotional connection to fragrance at it’s strongest during this time of year, Yankee Candle®’s new Christmas collection can turn your home into a truly relaxing festive sanctuary – for both you and your guests.

Seven brand new, true-to-life fragrances are launching into the Housewarmer® collection, bringing familiar, comforting scents into your home. Each fragrance has been carefully blended to appeal to your emotions, evoking memories of Christmas’ past and creating a warming ambience which you can blend to your personal taste.

Sparkling Snow captures the crisp naturally fresh scent of gleaming snow-covered pine trees, whilst Mountain Pine evokes memories of a walk the woods at wintertime teamed with fresh pine and crystal clean air.

Christmas is all about being at home and Welcome Christmas has the magical combination of pine garland, bright citrus and sweet berries, while Christmas Cupcake is an irresistible treat, rich, moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet buttery icing.

Sparkling Cinnamon brings the scent of warm cinnamon sticks with hint of cloves and Christmas Bayberry offers pine, fir and laurel with a touch of bayberry, frankincense and myrrh. Back by popular demand is Balsam and Cedar, with the fresh forest combination of cedar wood, balsam and juniper berry.

With Jack Frost you can give a collectable gift of invigorating peppermint and sweet vanilla snow cream. Three different labels for the popular fragrance mean you can give the same favourite fragrance with a hint of individuality.

Offering festive colour combinations from the rich and vibrant to creamy and fresh, Yankee Candle’s new Christmas collection will accessorise any home, shoot, stocking or dinner table.

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