Top Tips for Getting Organised | Self- Improvement Month | Filofax Mini Haul

| Self-Improvement & Mini Haul | Self-Improvement month is annually observed in September! For this whole month, I have been taking the time to improve...

| Self-Improvement & Mini Haul |

Self-Improvement month is annually observed in September! For this whole month, I have been taking the time to improve on myself and set some goals to help make me a more positive, more organised, more productive and just in general, an altogether better human being.

What better way was there than to kick off the month with some new stationery pieces from Filofax! #anyexcuse!

So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to compile a list of my top tips for self-improvement and include a stationery mini haul to boot.

| Reflecting, Being Positive & Getting Organised |

It is so easy to get caught in a cycle of negativity. We take our bodies to the gym or fill it with nutritious food, to ensure peak physical health, but we often neglect our mental health. Or at the very least neglect to see the importance of taking the time to work on our mental health. The majority of us aren’t lucky enough to feel happy all of the time, to feel motivated all of the time, or to be on top of our game all of the time. Small simple changes can make all the difference however.

Self-development, to me, is all about three major things. Reflection, being positive and getting yourself organised. First, reflect on the past version of yourself! Evaluate what went wrong, what went right, consider the emotions you have felt and identified areas for change or improvement. This process allows you to put in place a foundation for growth and change. Self-improvement is a lifelong process, and being able to do this well can help you to become the best version of yourself and live the best life! Exactly what you deserve!

| Top Tips |


I have already spoken about the importance of this so I won’t repeat myself. However, ensure that you set aside regular time to reflect on yourself. I like to reflect on the day as I brush my teeth, or keep a journal to read back on. I also like to reflect on more notable incidents as they occur and focus in particular on my emotions, and how I reacted or acted in certain situations.

Being positive.

Positive thoughts do not generally come naturally to people. It is in fact, far more common to focus on the negative and we are always our own worst critic. You will not magically become a more positive person overnight. You have to practice. I like to practice positivity on a daily basis. Again, I will do it on an evening, whilst I brush my teeth. I will look in the mirror and pick 3 positive things from the day, and 2 positive things about myself. After doing this for so long you will naturally find more positive thoughts making their way into your head.

Getting Organised.

Getting yourself organised is so important. It impacts positively on so many different aspects of life. Firstly, it boosts motivation, secondly, it stops you getting overwhelmed, and thirdly, you become far more productive. The simple act of writing a list, clearing a cupboard, and writing things down can make such a difference to my mood. Be flexible with yourself, but at the same time clear about what you want to achieve and the reasons for this.

Love yourself.

This may seem extremely vague but it is really just an umbrella term for working on self-esteem and confidence and taking the time to relax and do the things you enjoy. I once read the quote… “You are worthy of living in abundance,” and I try to remember this when I am being hard on myself and putting everyone else first. It is okay to put yourself first.

| Filofax |

On my journey to self-improvement and ultimate organisation I have been using a few things from Filofax and I wanted to share them with you!

◦◦ eniTAB360 Universal Tablet Holder Stone ◦◦

What is it?

The entiTAB360 is available in 2 different sizes and is compatible with any tablet with a screen size of 8.4 inches and below. The device allows you to stand your tablet at multiple viewing angles and positions safely. It has a smooth 360-degree rotation with a fully adjustable hinge. It is super lightweight and portable and easy to use.

★ What do I use it for?

I am fortunate enough to work from home and use my tablet every day to carry out my work. I LOVE this device. Its versatility makes it so much easier to use my tablet.

Find it here.

◦◦ Butterfly Notebook ◦◦

What is it?

This clever notebook has a beautiful leather look butterfly design cover on a blue background. I love Filofax notebooks for their simplicity and practicality. The ages can be easily added, removed and re-positioned and it folds back on itself and lies completely flat when opened. There are also little index cards with pockets, a movable page marker which doubles as a ruler and it can be easily refilled.

☆ What do I use it for?

I keep this notebook at home on my desk. I use it throughout the day to make notes, and I also have bit sectioned out with an index card for reflection. I have two further sections, one for work and one for personal. Furthermore, I love the design of this notebook, it really brightens up my desk.

Find it here.

◦◦ Pocket Notebook ◦◦

What is it?

This notebook has all of the benefits of the butterfly notebook but in pocket size. It has a gorgeous textured geometric design and also benefits from a secure elastic enclosure.

✮ What do I use it for?

I keep this little notebook in my backpack and use it for all of my to-do lists. Daily, weekly and monthly. Though, it is also perfect for noting down little ideas, reminders, appointments and telephone numbers too.

Find it here.


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