Finish off Your Outfit Perfectly: 8 Tips!

So, you’ve got dressed, but you feel like something is missing? It happens to all of us! You need something to help you finish...

So, you’ve got dressed, but you feel like something is missing? It happens to all of us! You need something to help you finish off your outfit, to give it that little bit extra ‘oomph’! These 8 tips should help you to do that – take a look at use your faves:

Change Your Socks

Sometimes, a detail as small as your socks can change the way your outfit looks. Why not wear socks in a contrasting colour? It’s not something people will notice straight away, but when they do they’ll love it! I like to wear frilly socks sometimes too.

Add a Belt

Belts can make all the difference, and I have loads of them. I have skinny belts, fat belts, waist belts, textured belts – you name it! Adding a belt can be a great way to add interest to an outfit, and even shape to your look. If you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a sack, you should add a belt.

Paint Your Nails

Match or contrast your nails with what you’re wearing. If you’re feeling particularly daring, add a pattern! People will notice and it’ll make you feel good when your nails are well cared for.

Sprinkle on Your Jewellery

You shouldn’t leave the house without accessorizing properly. Sprinkle on your jewellery, but be careful not to wear too much. I think earrings should be worn with everything, but if you don’t have piercings try clip earrings instead. I nearly always wear a watch, and a good statement necklace can take an outfit from boring to stunning!

Grab Your Sunnies

Sunglasses add such a cool element to any outfit. The sun can damage our eyes no matter what the weather is like, so use that as your excuse! Just don’t go wearing them in clubs. There’s no excuse for that.

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Wear a Hat

Maybe the thing that’s missing is on your head? Beanie hats, baseball caps, and fedoras can all add an instant element of cool and they cover up bad hair days. It’s a win win situation!

Add More Texture

Texture should be the goal of every outfit you put together. Ask yourself, ‘Is there enough texture here? Is my outfit lacking depth?’ and find ways to add more. I love a good faux fur bag. I always have a good purse inside of my bag too – Ted Baker is my favourite!

Layer Up

Layering is a skill, so don’t feel bad if you’re not that good at it yet. It’ll take time to master. Just practice and you’ll get there! Maybe your outfit would look better if you wore an open buttoned shirt over the top? Maybe a scarf would finish it off? Experiment, and make sure you have a number of transitional items to hand. You might be surprised once you start experimenting!

I hope you put these 8 tips to good use and they help your outfits to feel complete. Have any tips that you swear by? Leave a comment below. See you next time!

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