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The LUSH perfume range is inspired by art, music and poetry. LUSH products are known for being minimalist, eco-friendly and for their avoidance of using animal ingredients and animal testing. Their perfume range, marketed under the name “Gorilla Perfume” is no exception.  We wanted to include three of our favourites that would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Cardamon Coffee – The Spice of Life 
Sweet and spicy cardamon oil, rose oil, olive leaf, woody and spice notes and conkers and acorns. Inspired by a cup of coffee this scent embodies the fragrance of Autumn and it is divine. It is so unique, a little strange at first, but the warm, cosy notes just pull you in.

“Rentless” – Never Without a Home
Groovy Patchouli, grapefruit oule, vanilla and tonka combine to create this dreamy scent. Described as being a wearable piece of art this perfume is probably my favourite.

What Would Love do? and What Would you do for Love?
A tangerine and lavender mix described as always being able to find the sun behind a cloud. This scent is soothing and uplifting at the same time.


◦◦GHOST – Whitelight◦◦

Whitelight by Ghost is described as being a floral fragrance. In my experience, the floral notes are delicate and light. Once the scent settles the amber and vanilla notes come through creating the perfect scent for the Autumn and Winter months.

This perfume is suited to both casual and more formal occasions and it has great longevity. It comes in a beautiful moon shaped frosted glass bottle too.

Top Notes: Orange | Peach | Pear
Middle Notes: Jasmine | Rose | Violet
Base Notes: Patchouli | Amber | Vanilla



The Ari scent by Ariana Grande comes in a pink glass bottle with an adorable white pom-pom decoration. The combination of sparkling fruity notes and musky, woody notes with added marshmallow make this scent perfect all year round. So what better time to gift this than at Christmas time. In my experience, this scent is super feminine and pretty and I like to wear it on days I’m lacking in confidence for a little boost!

So what better time to gift this than at Christmas time. In my experience, this scent is super feminine and pretty and I like to wear it on days I’m lacking in confidence for a little boost!

Top Notes: Pear | Grapefruit | Raspberry
Middle Notes: Lily-of-the-Valley | Rose | Vanilla Orchid
Base Notes: Musk | Woody Notes | Marshmallow


◦◦MISGUIDED – Babe Power◦◦

First off, have you seen this packaging? We LOVE it! It is shaped like a can with a faux opener on the top, in a stunning rose gold! It is so fun and quirky, right up my street.

Misguided aimed to create a perfume that will give you a boost of power to you can slay all day, hence the name, Babe Power. I am head over heels in love with this scent. It lasts a really long time and settles so beautifully on the skin. The base notes of Amber and Vanilla are my favourite.

Top Notes: Grapefruit | Cherry | Apple | Pink Pepper
Middle Notes: Orange blossom | Peony | Jasmine
Base Notes:  Vanilla | Amber | Musk | Candy Floss



The Babe perfume has been relaunched! This iconic perfume will reignite memories of an unforgettable era and transport you back to the 70’s and 80s.

Don’t worry if you weren’t around to enjoy this scent back then, however. I was born in the late 80s and LOVE this fragrance! Though, it really does smell exactly how I imagine the 1970s smelled! I love the retro style of the bottle and the logo too.

Top Notes: Lavender | Aldehydes | Hyacinth Lily
Base Notes: Orris | Rose | Ylang Ylang
Bottom Notes: Solar accord | Sandalwood | Moss  Ambrette



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