FRIENDS: The Top Moments!

Friends Box set on Blu Ray

As everyone’s favourite TV group of Friends are reunited once again in the brand new Blu- ray box set we wanted to pick out some of our favourite moments of the ten series.

What was yours? The relationship between Ross and Rachel, when Phoebe gave birth to her brothers twins, when Chandler moved to Tulsa or the infamous trip to London? Check out our favourites below, and let us know your favourites!

Our top 10 moments:

1. Ross saying the name ‘Rachel’ during his wedding to Emily! That has to be the top for the sheer awkwardness of the moment and the fact that Emily still went through with the wedding
2. Monica getting her head stuck on the turkey during Thanksgiving to prove how much she loved Chandler. Can anyone imagine doing anything worse?
3. Ross realising that Carol was a lesbian and her friend Susan was actually her lover and soon to be step-mother to his son Ben.
4. When Phoebe was in a porn film! Unbeknown to her it was actually her identical twin sister who was using her name for her adult film career!
5. Ross dressing up as the holiday armadillo as he couldn’t get a Santa suit in time for Christmas
6. Joey accidentally proposing to Rachel with Ross’s grandmothers’ engagement ring after she gave birth to baby Emma in hospital. How do you come back from a mistake like that?
7. Monica trying to be sexy with a carving knife and accidentally chopping off Chandlers toe!
8. When Phoebe decided to call her final triplet Chandler, before realising it was actually a girl. The name stuck though!
9. When Ross was fine! After finding out about Joey and Rachel’s affair Ross took it upon himself to prove just how fine he actually was… Cue fajitas and hilarity from him!
10. Ross has tried a few new fashion trends through the years, including the leather trouser disaster and a teeth whitening nightmare- but top of the list has to be the fake tanning incident where he couldn’t work the tanning booth and continually tanned his front to a mahogany effect!

Friends: The Complete Blu-ray collection is available to buy now and is the perfect present for Christmas!

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