Fruit Like Flowers – Forget Floral Bouquets, Give the gift of Yummy Fruit!

Have you ever been stuck for inspiration when it comes to sending a gift to a loved one? We are always looking for new and exciting gift idea’s here at Girlie Gossip and these edible fruit bouquets from Fruit Like Flowers simply must be one of the best ( and yummiest) yet!

Fruit Like Flowers ( ) are creators of delicious hand sculpted fruit bouquets and arrangements filled with fresh strawberries, pineapples, grapes, oranges, apples, cantaloupe, honeydew and water melon pieces. These tantalising pieces of fruit are then carved and arranged into delightful and mouthwatering creations.

You can choose from absolutely loads of different designs including Fruit Fiesta which is made up of succulent seasonal fruit with pineapple shaped flowers and a wide variety of strawberry and chocolate creations (which we must confess are our absolute favourites) what more could you ask for?!

They deliver to most areas of the South East UK and with reasonable prices from £20 upwards they would make a brilliant gift idea or treat for yourself!

Visit the following link to check out the Fruit Like Flowers website where you can browse the full range of edible bouquets and place an order!

Highly Recommended!!

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  • Hi,

    from what i see i do NOT like any of it. The above display looks fake! Also, for what is being sold the price is far too much! You must be mad to pay suck a great price for these products.

    Good luck whoever orders.

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