Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts from Moonpig

Valentine's Day 2014 Gift Ideas
Moonpig have come up trumps with their amazing selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas this year and we’ve featured our most stylish picks but now we’re looking at the gifts that make for the most fun!

Jelly Kisses: £5.50

These juicy cherry lips are sweet as your lover’s kiss, and almost as moreish! Perfect for sharing, these spectacular retro sweeties will take you right back to your kiss-chase years!

Sweets for my Sweet Shake: £7.50

This sugary-sweet treat is sure to delight! Brimming over with soft squashy marshmallows, juicy jelly strawberries, luscious candy hearts and zingy hardboiled Bakewell tarts, this spectacular retro Sweet Shake is just right for two!

Sweeties make a great addition to a main gift idea on Valentine’s Day as a little something extra on the side. Budget friendly sets like this are sure to get you in to the good books if you ask us!


Red Velvet Cake: £18

If you don’t have time to bake a cake for your loved one, it doesn’t mean that they have to miss out. Many companies are providing Valentine’s Day themed cakes this year that are sure to make a fantastic impression if time and baking skills are an issue!

Delight your darling with this striking deep-red Sponge, held together with an angelic white butter icing and topped with a red-crumb heart. This Sponge is deliciously decadent and moist with hints of chocolate and a rich and velvety vanilla filling.

This handmade cake looks rustic enough to pass for you own masterpiece, so why not stretch the truth a little and show the fruits of your ‘hard work’ in the kitchen!

50 shades of play: £40

From nicey-nice to hotter than spice, this seductive set contains everything needed to bring some zing to your love life. Every innocuous-looking product in this sexy little kit has a hidden function which will get your heart racing and your senses tingling!

Gift box contains:

· Fifty Days of Play adult game

· Black satin blindfold

· Primo Tux vibe ring

· THE Grey Tie

· Chocolate & Vanilla massage candle

Find all this and more at:

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