Funky Gift Ideas For Your Best Gal Pal!

Having a best friend means it’s your duty to get them the best gifts possible. Whether it’s for their birthday, wedding or just a...

Having a best friend means it’s your duty to get them the best gifts possible. Whether it’s for their birthday, wedding or just a nice gift out of the blue. Regardless of the reason, you want to get them something special!

Take a look at this funky gift buying guide if you want some great gift ideas:

make up brushes

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Makeup Sets

You can never go wrong with a spot of makeup! Buy your friend a nice new makeup set for their birthday, or just as a nice little gift. If you’re truly BFF’s then you should know exactly what she likes. You can find the perfect set for her that you’ll know she’ll love and cherish. Eye shadow and mascara sets are very in right now, so could be a great idea for your friend. Shop around first and only buy them something you would use yourself. Don’t go buying them some second rate product!

Phone Cases

A mobile phone case as a gift? How very 21st Century of you! Yes, mobile phone cases can make excellent gifts to give to your friends. Originally, cases were invented as these big, sturdy, things to protect your precious phone. They were ugly and made your mobile phone look like a massive brick! Now though, they come in so many different shapes and styles. There are lots of awesome, quirky, phone cases that are really good looking. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that fits your bestie’s personality.



Daily Planner

Even though we have calendars and notes on our phone, it’s not the same as a daily planner. We all like to be a bit retro and write things down from time to time. There’s something peaceful about writing out your daily agenda, rather than typing it on your phone. So, a daily planner would make an excellent gift for your best friend. You can pick them up relatively cheap, so it’s good if you’re working to a budget and strapped for cash. Also, they’re very cute, and your friend will be thinking of you every day when they use it!


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Photography Course

There’s a high chance your bestie will be very into photography. Is your Instagram feed filled with her artsy photos every day? If the answer is yes, then an online photography course could be the perfect gift for them. You can buy them a place on the course and have them learn how to take the best photos imaginable. Great as a big gift, or for splitting the price between a group of you as a joint present!

Friendship Necklace

Like makeup, jewelry is always a sure fire winner when it comes to gift giving. What girl doesn’t like jewelry? We all lose our self-control when we step into a jewelry store, and just buy whatever we see. But, why not make jewelry a little more personal to make it an even better gift? You can buy a friendship necklace set that comes in a pair. Your friend will get one, and you’ll have one too. It’s a lovely way to show your appreciation for them and strengthen your bond.


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