Fussy Woman In Your Life? The Ultimate Gift Guide To Put A Smile On Her Face

Even if you love shopping, there are always some exceptions. Most of us have one relative or friend we just hate having to buy a gift for. Perhaps they already have everything, or they just have really exclusive tastes. Whatever the problem, there is always something out there that will go down well. We just have to figure out what it is! With fussy mothers or mothers-in-law, there are always going to be little things that will get a smile on her face. We give you the best gift guide for a fussy older woman:

History – If the woman you are buying for is a lady you know quite well, you are going to find this much easier. Sit down and have a chat with her about her days as a girl, or maybe when she was your age. You could pretend you are looking for a ‘vintage’ top, and how you respect her fashion choices. Now is her chance to tell you exactly what she loved about the clothes she used to wear and the things she used to do. Keep her chatting for plenty of great ideas for what you can bring back for a great gift.

Gadgets – Yes, everybody loves a gadget. Pretty much anything anyone has a whinge about can be solved with a gadget. Perhaps she has a complaint about how the energy saver bulbs are too bright or a horrible colour. Buy her some app controlled colour changing bulbs so she can set her own brightness and mood. Maybe she doesn’t like how many different remote controls she needs for the TV system. Choose an all-in-one remote or even a new TV with voice control. Problem solved.

Accessories – We all love things that are beautiful. Add a touch of luxury with that, and you are bound to find a perfect gift for her. Check out websites like http://www.rooi.com/ to find some gorgeous cushions, scarves and other delights for her home. Perhaps she likes chunky costume jewellery. Book a course where you can both learn how to make your own bespoke jewellery items. She’ll love spending the time with you, and you’ll get to know more about her tastes for next time!

Fine dining – If spending time with you is what would delight her the most, pick a celebrity restaurant and spend the evening sampling everything on the menu. Even the fussiest of people can’t complain at gourmet, so book the night as a luxury event. Start with a shopping trip to a boutique for a glamorous new outfit. Then pick her up in a stretch limo to enjoy a luxurious ride to the restaurant complete with champagne. Dine in style at an exclusive restaurant before heading home for a nightcap.

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Sometimes, making her feel special is the most important part of gift giving. Adding luxury to any event can certainly make someone feel like a VIP. All special occasions need to be shared with those we love, so take the time to spend some time for your next gift offering.

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