The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

Those of you who know me will know I am a massive geek when it comes to T.V shows. Game Of Thrones is near the top of my list of favourites right after Supernatural! With Season 6 fast approaching, I wanted to share with you some of the epic merchandise I have stumbled upon online.

Tostadora Novelty T.Shirts


Khaleesi has got to be my favorite character. So, when I saw this “Kill The Masters” shirt, I had to have it! I love the way Khaleesi liberates the slaves of every city she goes to and I love how she orders her army to kill the masters who forced the people into slavery!

I was so excited when the T.Shirt from Tostadora showed up and I was very impressed with the quality.

You can buy this and hundreds of other designs at 

Game of Thrones Sterling Silver Dragon Egg Pendant

The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

This stunning sterling silver pendant is absolutely beautiful and perfect for any Game Of Thrones fan you can buy this gorgeous necklace at

Game Of Thrones Pop Figures

The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

WARNING: Collecting pop figures can become very addictive! As I only live in a small house I have to limit myself to just one pop figure from each of my favorite T.V shows otherwise we wouldn’t have room to move!

You can buy these cute little figures HERE

Direwolf pups

The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

Choose from Ghost, Grey Wind, Summer, Nymeria, Lady, or Shaggydog. The mega cute pups are ready to soak up your tears when the it comes to the sad parts of the show!

You can buy these adorable pups HERE

House of Targaryen Fire and Blood Beer Stein

The Best Game Of Thrones Merchandise

Raise a glass to the house of Targaryen! Toast your mates and tell stories of battles won, all while enjoying your beverage of choice in this epic Game Of Thrones stein! You can buy this HERE

You can probably tell that I am very much house Targaryen! What house do you support?

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