GE E1255W Digital Camera – The Perfect Girlie Camera!


Every now and again on Girlie Gossip we stumble across a little gem of a product that we just completely fall for. Recently whilst looking for a new digital camera for our office we took a look at the latest offerings from GE digital and were pleasantly surprised with what we found! Keep reading after the jump to read our thoughts on the brand and the fab GE E1255W digital camera.

We were looking for something with a fantastic zoom that was compact enough to pop in our bag and take on location yet powerful enough to deliver fantastic shots of products  for review on the Girlie Gossip Magazine articles and features columns.

The super snazzy GE E1255W delivers all of the above and is also easy to use, what more could we ask for? Find more details and specs below and find out why we’ve made GE Camera’s a Girlie Gossip Hero!

Priced at Approximately £120 this is a  twelve-megapixel digital camera that offers a wider perspective.

Broaden your view with the all new GE E1255W that delivers a big 3.0-inch intelligent LCD screen and a 28mm wide angle lens for greater field of vision. Its powerful 12-megapixel resolution sensor offers superb image details. With the latest Pan-Capture Panorama feature, seamless wide-view photos can be captured without the need for stitching. The E1255W also contains features that you will definitely appreciate.

28mm Wide Angle Lens

Easily capture large group shots with the extra wide lens.

Pan-Capture Panorama

Wide-view photos are produced by panning the camera across to create a seamless panoramic picture. The feature is fantastic for when you are trying to capture breathtaking views or large groups of people.

Auto Scene Detection

Automatically determines the most appropriate scene type based on the live-view image data. This will optimise the exposure to help even a novice capture sharp, vibrant pictures.

Blink Detection

Blink Detection alerts you if a subject’s eyes were closed so you can immediately retake the picture. “Blinked Eyes” shows as a warning in a quick-view mode of the closed eyes. You can then decide whether to take a new picture or accept what you have.

Smile Detection

The shutter automatically releases when the smile appears so you can capture smiles the moment they happen. It means you no longer have to wait until the picture has been taken to find out that one unsmiling face ruined the shot!

Face Detection

Face Detection automatically focuses and optimises exposure for sharp brilliant pictures. The camera detects the faces in your scene, which is an advantage for group photos. The camera will stay focused on the face and adjust exposure even when movement occurs.

Image Stabilization

Do you find you find it difficult to hold the camera still while taking a picture? Electronic Image Stabilization helps overcome camera shake to ensure you take clearer, sharper pictures.

In-Camera Red-Eye Removal

Remove red-eye immediately while viewing images on the cameras LCD screen. This feature is now available in-camera, eliminating the need for painstaking post photo editing afterwards.

Auto Adjust Brightness LCD

The LCD screen adjusts to the existing lighting conditions so you can frame your subject properly, ensuring great screen visibility indoors or outside.



LCD Screen Size
3.0 inch

Digital Zoom

Optical Zoom

92mm Width x 58mm Height x

19.5mm Depth


·    Pan-Capture Panorama

·    Auto Scene Detection

·    Blink Detection

·    Smile Detection

·    Face Detection

·    Image Stabilization (Electronic)

·    Red-Eye Removal

·    Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

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