Geraldine Shaker, Celebrity Makeup Artist Interview.

Girlie Gossip recently had the pleasure of speaking to Geraldine Shaker, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Kitten Vixen Cosmetics. She tells us about her celeb clients, current hollywood beauty trends and much more!

Hi Geraldine, can you tell us a bit about any current winter beauty trends you’ve spotted and what we should be wearing this season?
Autumn Winter 2010 trends are graphic – eyeliner has a rock n roll vibe, ranging from the classic cat eye to smeared almost sweaty liner that looks like you’ve been up all night. Lips are bold too, in wintery shades of dark purple, blackened plum and cherry red.

With those all-important Christmas parties coming up, can you give us some top tips for a makeup look that would be perfect for festive events this month?

First decide whether you want to follows the trends or if you want a classic beauty look. If you’re a:

Trends girl: Go for the classic cats eye (opt for gel liner as it has the longest staying power) I like Make-up Forever gel liner. If your lips are full opt for a bold lip in cherry red, blackened plum or dark purple. Ladies with less in the lip department should opt for a sheer gloss in the same color spectrum.

Classic beauty: Opt for a smoky eye in the jewel tones – burgundy, navy blue or dark green. Add sparkle with a sheer wash of either silver or gold to make it more festive. Keep lips simple with a nude or barely there tone.

You have worked with some fabulous celebrity clients, can you tell us a bit about them and their beauty products/looks please?
When you work with big name actresses the look they always want is beauty. They want to sparkle in front of the camera, that means fresh dewy skin, barely pinched cheeks, and drama on the eyes or lips depending on the face. I always apply airbrush foundation to anyone who is going in front of a camera – it really lasts all day with a flawless finish. Beauty make-up is about enhancing the features to maximize the natural beauty of the face that you are working on as opposed to fashion, which is really about changing the face and giving it a certain look/trend regardless of the features you are dealing with.

You’re based in Hollywood, so what looks are trending over there at the moment that are yet to emerge over here in the UK?
I would say the biggest beauty trend right now is the pointed manicure. Its been seen on the fingers of Rhianna, Fergie from the black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and Dita Von Teese. The pointed manicure is all about the shape of the nail, instead of being square or rounded its shaped into a point, which is reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s fresh and modern with a retro vibe.

As a little Christmas gift to us all, can you share any of your top beauty secrets with Girlie Gossip readers?
Look after your skin. It doesn’t matter how great the make-up is or how well it is applied – if you neglect your skin the end results will never be great. You need to slough off the dead skin regularly and apply a good moisturizer every day, and as far as make-up is concerned – always sleep naked!

What beauty products can’t you get enough of right now?!
I’m a Chanel nail polish junkie – every season I search other brands in vain to see if I can color match the newest Chanel colors, and although some brands come close no one ever matches them or manages to go one better!

Many thanks to Geraldine for this fab interview! If you want to win yourself some Kitten Vixen’s fabulous ‘Eye Put A Spell on You’ Eye Kits then click HERE for our mega reader competition!

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