Caught yourself day dreaming about summer festival fun? Dancing the days and nights away, getting back in touch with nature… living in a tent…bring it on with Girlie Gossip’s resident makeup guru Lina Cameron giving you the best tips you’ll remain glam whilst having fun!!!

Lina Cameron is here to ensure you look festival fantastic while having the time of your life. Follow her trusty festival tips – it’s time to rock out, glam up and get ready to party!

1) SPF 45 is a MUST HAVE. Before applying any makeup always apply an SPF sun cream, not an SPF foundation or blusher but a simple SPF 45 to moisturise to protect your skin. You should do this all year round – but it’s especially important under a fierce festival sun. Just remember to top up regularly!

2) FACE: Don’t cake yourself with foundation. In fact why not be wild and leave it out! Instead use a simple tinted moisturizer and let your skin breath. Apply Mac Strobe Cream along the bridge of your nose, on your temples and a dab on your chin. This product catches the light amazingly and will really make you shine like a rock star!

Remember, a festival gives you the chance to be bold, bright and experiment with colour. Stargazer have created a great range of products which allow you to turn your face into a living canvas. Use their rainbow spectrum of semi permanent Makeup pens to draw lightening bolts, stars or flower motifs on your face. Be Daring. Create some drama!

3) EYES: Festival eyes should pack a punch! Any eye shadow colours that sparkle and catch the light are perfect. To create extra sparkling effect apply Collection 2000 Glam Crystals (Rock chick 7) glitter eyeliner to the base of your lashes.

You definitely need a bit of a flutter to frame your peepers too. You can go soft and natural with a single coat of Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash Mascara in Black. Or go all out and get Ga Ga esque with a great set of false feathered lashes!

4) LIP GLOSS: Slick on a simple sweep of clear lip gloss with some shimmer and you’re good to go.

5) CLEANSER: This is an essential finishing point to the night- and no-one has yet managed to create a better water-free product than the humble Boots cleansing wipe. If you stay up all night, combine your evening and morning cleanse to save time!

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