Top Tips to Organise Your Life and Be Productive.

A Life More Organised ๑ Life is far too complicated not to be orderly! – Martha Stewert When I am on top of things...

A Life More Organised

๑ Life is far too complicated not to be orderly! – Martha Stewert

When I am on top of things and organised in my life things just seem a little brighter. The simple act of writing things down or coming up with a plan puts a spring in my step. I am in control, and I can relax.

Whilst life would be much simpler if we all had a reception desk in our hallway manned by our own personal assistants, that is simply not the case. Well, for the majority of us anyway. So, it is down to us to get organised.

Being organised can impact on all areas of your life in a positive way.

Your health, your family and friends, your work life, your finances, your energy levels and in fact, your overall mood in general. More specifically, the more organised you are the more likely you are to succeed. To be happy and have the time and energy to focus on the really important things in your life.

So, we thought we would help you out and compile a list of our top tips to achieve a more organised life.

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Make Lists

Take the time to sit down each day, or each week depending on your schedule and make a to-do list. When you write things you allow yourself the time to focus on things individually. You also give yourself a visual reminder, so you won’t forget things. I attack my lists in two different ways. Firstly, my weekly list which stays on my kitchen notice board and secondly, a separate daily list which I keep in my handbag.


Once you have your list you need to take things one step further. A long list of tasks can be just as overwhelming as no list at all so you need to prioritise the tasks. I use colours to keep myself on track. RED tasks need to be completed today. ORANGE tasks need to be completed this week and GREEN tasks are long term. Make sure you keep an eye on those green tasks and reprioritise them accordingly!

Do One Thing at a Time

Give yourself completely to each task that you do. Working through one task and doing a really great job is going to be far more beneficial and make you feel happier than getting five jobs done quickly, but poorly. Resist leaving things until the last minute.

Pick Your Device

I have three different devices that I use, each for different things. I use my laptop to organise and bookmark all of the important things that I use daily for work. I also use a good old-fashioned notebook to write down all of my to-do lists and to brainstorm and ideas etc. Finally, I use my phone to organise important dates and to keep tabs on all of my important contacts. You need to decide what will work best for you and stick with it.

Plan Ahead

Take the time at the beginning of each month and plan ahead. If there are any important dates or events make a note of them to ensure that you do not double book yourself. If you have days off work plan something special; to blow off some steam. Consider birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays etc. If you have work deadlines or exams looming take this opportunity to set aside the appropriate amount of time to work and study.


Clutter builds up, it is inevitable. But, the more clutter we have, the more disorganised we become and the more stressed and the less productive we are. Set aside time each week to declutter your email inbox or our desk, you will thank yourself for it I promise.

Time Management

Managing your time properly allows you to be at your most efficient and most productive. Again, you are going to find this far easier if you take some time to plan your days and weeks beforehand. Take into consideration all of the small things during the day which when added together take more time than you would imagine, examples include eating, travelling or enjoying a cuppa.


If you have a lot on your list and there are tasks that other people could alleviate you of, do not be afraid to ask. I write a weekly meal plan and part of that is deciding who is going to cook on which day. You do not have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders if people can help… let them!


Say NO!

It is easy to fall into a routine of helping everyone out around you. All the while falling behind on the things that you yourself need to get done.

Say “NO!” – Practice this every day until it rolls off the tongue!


Making sure that you have time to yourself and time to do the things you enjoy is the most important. What is life if we do not take the time to smell the flowers, read a good book or drink a cup of coffee on a rainy morning.

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