GG Loves: The Hungry Workshop

We just love hunting down new and unusual designs, exciting typography and all round fabulous products! This week we’ve been captivated by some of the designs over at The Hungry Workshop. Keep reading to see why!
Simon Hipgrave is an Art Director at Junior. He has quite the imagination, a wicked sense of humour and is always hungry for a clever idea.

While he spends his weekdays making big ads, crafting custom typography and illustrating quotes from rap songs, he is forever tinkering away with the machines on the weekend.

Jenna Hipgrave is a senior graphic designer at Oblong + Sons. She has amazing attention to detail, a penchant for paper engineering and sensibly priced wine with well designed labels.

When she isn’t gobbling up typography resources at her desk she can be found on her big red arm chair devouring books of all varieties.

With regard sto their products and designs, they say

“We print both our own projects, designed in house, and projects for other creative people, studios and agencies. Our enthusiasm for the craft of letterpress combined with our expertise and love of design, typography and illustration ensures that every project, big and small, is imbued with heart and soul.

Click the gallery below for a look at our favourite products from their range!

You can visit their website:
And Buy their products:

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