Girlie Gossip April Favourites

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Wrendale Designs Words are not enough, but I will try anyway. Wrendale Designs aim to celebrate the great British countryside. Their designs are cute, simple,...

Wrendale Designs

Girlie Gossip April Favourites

Words are not enough, but I will try anyway. Wrendale Designs aim to celebrate the great British countryside. Their designs are cute, simple, elegant, quirky and utterly charming. The company is family run and they won Gift of the Year in 2016 for their letter writing sets. Whilst their stationery range is, in a word, perfection, that is not all they do! oh no no no! They have a fantastic kitchen, prints and children range too. I will be honest, I struggle to look directly at them because they are so beautiful. Their prices are outstanding. Their quality is outstanding, and their designs? you guessed it! OUTSTANDING.

☾ Jade

Nina Ricci Luna Perfume

fragrance image 1

It is quite rare to find a scent that is suitable for any occasion, but Luna, the newest fragrance by Nina Ricci is exactly that. It is the mysterious and enticing counterpart to the romantic scent of Nina.

 Top notes of wild berries and orange blossom. Middle notes of immortelle and caramel and bottom notes of sandalwood and vanilla. It is a perfectly balanced scent with a really soft and feminine feel to it. Some people love fashion, some make-up, for me it’s perfume and this one is right up my street.

☾ Jade

So Me Beauty – Brow Shaping Kit

I have never been confident making up my eyebrows, but the So Me Beauty Brow Shaping Kit actually made me look like I knew what I was doing. I found it so easy to apply and the end result was fab. With the kit, you can sculpt, shape and fill your brows. There are two powder shades to define and highlight, and a brush and stencil to boot.

The product is available in three different shades: mocha, caramel and espresso.

The entire range can be purchased from and in Superdrug and Sainsbury’s stores.

☾ Jade

Semicolon Necklace

As most of you know, mental health is very important to me. I have suffered for many years with my own personal demons. Although I used to hide my problems well, I now openly try to raise awareness and talk about mental health as much as I can.

Suicide is a huge killer and people underestimate just how common it is. Approximately one person takes their own life every 40 seconds. that’s around 3,000 per day! Mental health issues can be exhausting and sometimes it feels like there is no other way out.

This beautiful necklace not only looks stunning, it also has a personal meaning that I am a survivor, a fighter, and my story isn’t over yet. A semicolon is used when an author chooses not to end the sentence. You are the author and the sentence is your life, and you’re choosing to continue.

You can find the semicolon necklace and more beautiful designs here. Simply contact the very friendly owner for custom designs.

Kez ✨

Vampire Diaries

If I’m totally honest, when Jade recommended The Vampire Diaries to me, I was skeptical. Although I used to love Buffy as a young teenager, I was sure this was going to be mega cheesy and I felt certain I wouldn’t be able to get into it. However, The Vampire Diaries extremely exceeded my expectation and I’m hooked!

I’m now sat here wondering why I haven’t seen this series sooner! I’m always on the look out for new series to watch and after finishing American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones and countless others. I was hunting desperately to find something new to get sucked into in the evenings when the kids are in bed.

I don’t want to give anything away, but The Vampire Diaries is DEFINITELY one to watch!

Kez ✨

Hollywood Mirror

After buying all new furniture for my bedroom, I was on the lookout for the perfect mirror to complete my little makeup station. I came across this stunning Hollywood mirror a few weeks ago but the price put me off. I hunted around for days to try and find something similar for less but there was nothing.

Finally, I gave up looking and treated myself to the one I wanted in the beginning, and I’m sooo glad I did! It’s far far nicer than I ever imagined and well worth the money. The lights have a dimmer switch so you can choose how bright you want the lights to shine and it even comes with a plug socket on the side! Perfect for hair straighteners etc..

When you turn the lights on, you can literally see every pore on your skin and every hair on your eyebrows, making it so much easier to perfect your makeup looks.

Kez ✨

Let us know in the comments what your favourites were this April <3

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