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This week I have decided to channel my inner credit crunch worries and become a fully fledged one stop no money to shop cautious spender.Urgh!

That’s right My name is Hannah and Im a spendaholic,Im seriously obsessed with spending money whether it be Sainsburys or Selfridges I can always find something  to spend it on-it literally burns a whole in my new (cough-I mean old ofcourse!) topshop pockets!

So now with a mortgage in place and a constant daily reminder of job losses ,major debts, banks losing billions etc I have decided it is time to be brave and …….Budget!

Yes Ladies we can do it-lets all hold hands  and stay strong and forget about the treats that got us into debt in the first place I am here to help you stay fabulous and chic for a fraction of the cost.

My first step into the world of cautious spending is a trip to the supermarket, ah gone are the afternoons spent  lunching and shopping in London now Im battling fifty OAPs and one Miu Miu clad fashionista (I think her banker bf had just been made redundant) to the bargain bins seeing what fruit and vegetables had been reduced, Surprisingly I came away with super bargains that were not even out of date or had little mouldy heads growing from them.

On my quest to find new ways of enjoying my weekends without battling the changing rooms I decided to justify my gym membership by actually turning up with my friend Lora and making the most of it,3 classes (in a row I might add) later I was feeling energised and happy I had actually made it through all 3 without passing out or even worse falling off the spinning bike a la Bridget Jones style, So I have now decided that I will use my membership and become a toned goddess on the beaches this summer

Maybe this Budget thing won’t be too bad after all….

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