Give Your Friend A Quick Pick-Me-Up!

Nobody wants to see their best friend in a bad mood. Whatever it might be about, there are plenty of easy ways that you can help to cheer them up. Here are some simple ways to can give your friend a quick pick-me-up!


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A Little Gift

A small gift for your friend will really touch them! This can just be something small, like a slab of chocolate. Or maybe you’ll decide to spoil them? Choose something bigger if you are feeling generous, like a new lippy or perfume! Whatever you choose a gift, would very much be appreciated by any friend feeling a little bit down.

A Funny Email

Something quick and easy to do is send them a funny email! This will come unexpectedly to them, and really make them giggle. Take a look at some funny pics or memes and find something that they will relate to, or something you know they will laugh at! GIFs are great to look at too. Make sure you tell them to check their emails though, else they’ll never see it!

Arrange A Catch-Up

Any friend will feel a lot better if somebody expresses that they want to see them! So ask when they are free and have a night in watching movies, or go out for dinner. Then if they want to talk about what’s up, that’s great, you can give them some advice or just be someone who will listen. If they don’t then that’s no problem either, keep their mind off what’s bothering them instead!

A Photo On Social Media

Post a photo somewhere like Facebook or Instagram of the two of you to let them know you are thinking about them! It doesn’t have to be cringey or anything, just a really silly photo of the two of you will do it! This gesture will surprise them and is sure to put a smile back on their face. Don’t forget to tag them so that they see your awesome message, though!

Bake Them A Cake

Everybody loves cake – no matter how down they’re feeling! So why not make your friend one? Even if you haven’t got the best baking skills, there are plenty of recipes that you can follow online. It’s the thought that counts anyway. Remember what their favourite flavours are when baking your cake. You could opt for chocolate, jam or something even more adventurous! Give it a go!

A Text

Even with little effort, you can still give your friend a quick pick-me-up. Something as simple as sending them a text to let them know that you are thinking of them, or that you are here if they want a chat is sure to make them feel better. Anything like this will be really appreciated! Who doesn’t love being texted first?

Ultimately, nobody likes seeing a close friend upset. Cheering your best friend up should be easy, as you know them so well! Try out these ideas if you’re stuck and see if they help. Good luck!

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