Great new look for our favourite appley cider!


Merrydown, the deliciously refreshing premium cider, has peeled away its old image to reveal a brand new look.

But as we all know, it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts. And the best news is that Merrydown still has the same great appley taste that has been a firm favourite for more than 60 years.

Perhaps it’s the light sparkle that makes Merrydown special. Or the flavour that comes from using the juice of crunchy, sweet eating apples rather than bitter cider apples. But a recent taste test revealed that Merrydown has one of the best appley tastes of all ciders* – which is exactly what you’d expect from a drink that has been made by trusted cider makers since 1946.

Look out for the new labels showing traditional apple pickers busy in the orchards – a clear reminder of Merrydown’s roots. Then choose from crisp Dry or fruity Medium flavours – both are ideal for drinking with food. Or try our favourite recipe – chill well, then enjoy with friends. Perfect!

Girlie Gossip loves Merrydown Cider, classy packaging and a cool refreshing taste. Mmmm!

*Tangible Research, October 2009

Enjoy Merrydown responsibly

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