Great UK Hen Ideas That You’ve Probably Not Considered

There are few things more exciting that watching one of your closest friends tie the knot. Before that, though, there’s the little matter of...

There are few things more exciting that watching one of your closest friends tie the knot. Before that, though, there’s the little matter of providing the hen do. It’s the bride to be’s last night of freedom, and you’ll be sure to kick it off in style.

While a night out in London or your local town centre is an option, it’s not the only possibility. The hen do is one night (or weekend) that you want everyone to remember forever. Perhaps taking an alternative approach would serve you better.

Here are four ideas that should get your creative juices flowing. Just be sure to think about the hen when making your choice.



Horse Racing

A trip to the GGs might not sound like the perfect girlie weekend, but it’s genuinely one of the most fun adventures you can take as a group.

There’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the races, and it’s great excuse to get the drinks flowing in the early afternoon. And, if you were to visit a big event like the Grand National 2016, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic nightlife too.

If the sun is shining, it’s hard to find any better activity. Besides, you might win some money too!

Theme Park

Excitement and adventure are two key elements to a great hen do. There’s arguably no better way to seek them then visit one of the UK’s best theme parks.

Going on rides isn’t for everyone, but that’s half of the fun. Seeing the reactions of the group will make the event far more enjoyable. If you visit on a special occasion, such as Drayton Manor’s onesie day, then the entertainment should reach an even greater level.

If nothing else, the group photos will be a very special way to remember this equally special occasion.




The main purpose of a hen party is to have fun. In these terms, there are few things that can rival a girl’s weekend of camping.

There are dozens of fantastic holiday parks dotted around the country, and most of them run themed weekends throughout the year. If your hen has a passion for the 80s or another era, this could be a fantastic option. Moreover, that theme gives you an instant excuse to wear fancy dress and get the party started in style.

If sleeping in a tent isn’t your thing, you could always upgrade to a static home. It might make getting ready for nights out easier too.

House Party

Let’s face it, sometimes the comforts of home are the best option available. And when the average cost of a UK wedding is believed to be a staggering £20,000, you could all do with a cheaper hen night.

The most important factor in any hen do is that the bride to be is surrounding by her favourite people. This is a great way to do this while also avoiding any potential trouble that could occur. With a few novelty items, there’s no reason this can’t be a great night for everyone.

Alternatively, you could use this as pre-drinks before hitting the town.


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