Gucci Guilty – Winter Perfume for Christmas Gifting!

Indulge yourself in moments of guilty pleasure, and feel the freedom of going slightly beyond social conventions, the thrill of staying in control while you’re pushing your own boundaries.

A sensual and distinct scent for a woman that likes to express how unique and sexy she is.

We absolutely adore the new Gucci Guilty fragrance. It is perfect for winter wear due to its warm, musky scent and is beautifully packaged.

Gucci Guilty lasts well, is effortlessly chic and would be the perfect Christmas party fragrance for women. All you have to do is find that perfect LBD to wear with it!

One of our top winter perfumes and a great Christmas gift or stocking filler idea for the female family members.

Get it from The Perfume Shop for a winter bargain!

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