Bratzilla Witchy Princesses

The Bratzillaz™ girls have uncovered something truly amazing at the academy – the beautiful Witchy Princesses™!


While exploring the academy, the Bratzillaz™ discovered hidden pictures of the Witchy Princesses™ who they had read about in their history lesson; recognising them from their unique birdcage witch hats, witchmark make-up and their elegant dresses. The Bratzillaz™ used their magic to free the princesses from their picture frames and befriended them.


Introducing the new Bratzillaz™ Witchy Princesses™:

– Angelica Sounds, who can manipulate sound.

– Carolina Past, who helps people to see into the past.

– Siernna Calmer, who can help people find peace in any situation.


Each doll has an amazing birdcage witch hat, with a fabulous mini bird hair accessory that glows in the dark.

Bratz Review


Bratzillaz™ are the witchy glam cousins of the original Bratz™ dolls. They study at an exclusive fashion magic academy known as the ‘Bratzillaz™ Academy’, where they learn magical powers to do good for all those around them.

Bratz Dolls are hugely popular and these spooky new dolls are absolutely perfect for Halloween! The attention to detail in the designs of the dolls themselves is amazing and their costumes are stylish and cute with a gothic twist. The glow in the dark hair accessory is an added bonus and is sure to make them even more desirable to children and teens. In fact, we almost want to collect the entire range ourselves here at GirlieGossip HQ!

The Witchy Princesses™ are priced at around £16.99, suitable for ages six plus and available from all good toy retailers.

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