Hamleys toy of the year 2007

The Rocker

This bizzare looking buggy know as a “Rocker” has been crowned the Hamleys Toy of the Year 2007. So will it be on the Xmas list of your little cherubs? Girlie Gossip needed to find out more……

Descibed on the Hamleys website as a “super sleek design with metallic paint finish, bucket seats and a funky flame design which kicks conventional trikes to the kerb!” Aapparently your little terrors, both boys and girls will be crying out for one of these by the time December 25th arrives.

The buggy is designed for children between 6 and 13 years of age, but with peddals at the front and a “lean back” style seat, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable of go-karts, but who cares about that when it doesn’t have a steering wheel or handle bars!! You just lean in the direction you want to do and….. voila!

Hamleys truely believe this is the best thing since sliced bread and go on to say:

“Made out of high quality steel, the Rocker has a unique and ergonomic design and will give its riders a thrill they will never forget! High quality and tested steering ‘swing’ mechanism, light weight steel coated frame, the well designed seat is unique in the market.”

I wonder how many of these Santa will get stuck with going down the chimney this year? Priced at £179.99, we fear some of our little ones might be left dissapointed, but I’m sure there will be plenty of Rocker/Xmas Tree crash disasters all over the country on Christmas day!

The Rocker

Source: Hamleys Toy Store

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