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‘Hello Fresh’ deliver fresh ingredients and recipes right to your door on a weekly basis. Recipes start from as little as £4 per meal and there are boxes to suit all needs. If you are a vegetarian, a are just cooking for two, or even for the whole family, there is a box for you.


Hello Fresh is the perfect for you if…

★ You lack experience in the kitchen

☆ … lack imagination in the kitchen

✰ … lack time to plan for and prep your meals

✮ … enjoy cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients

✯ … enjoy being creative and trying new things


Inside the Box …

When the box arrived I was immediately impressed with how well everything was packaged. The chilled food was separately packed and the cool packs that were used were extremely good quality. In fact, the packaging that was used was not only attractive but durable and practical too.

Inside the box, there were enough ingredients to make three individual meals, each for two people. The ingredients for each of the three meals were measured out and packaged separately, so there was literally nothing for me to do other than cook my food and enjoy it.

The recipe cards that assisted my meals were fantastic. You can keep them and recreate the meal yourself.


The information on the recipe card included:

 a beautiful picture of the meal you are preparing, and…

The each have a beautiful picture of the meal you are preparing, and…

pictures and images of all of the ingredients

a separate list of all the ingredients with quantity information

cook time, heat information and how much the meal contributes to your five a day

nutritional information

step by step instructions to make the meal, with photos!!

Hello Fresh contact information


♥ Moroccan Spiced Salmon

Take an adventurous trip to Morrocco with this delicious and healthy dish. Salmon is considered an ‘oily fish’, which means it is high in omega-3-fatty acids, contributing to greater heart health and decreased blood pressure.

This dish took 40 minutes to make, contributed 1.5 of your five a day, and it is medium heat.

Girlie Gossip Rating: ★★★★

♥ LEON Goat’s Cheese Chicken

A recipe from the LEON Happy Salads cookbook. This salad tastes good and does you good. You can serve it both warm and at room temperature, whatever takes your fancy.

This dish took 40 minutes to make and contributed two of your five a day.

Girlie Gossip Rating: ★★★

♥ Keftedes

This Greek inspired tabbouleh with keftedes (meatballs) is a Hello Fresh favourite. They say it will add a little sparkle to your dinnertime, and to your whole day!

This dish takes 40 minutes to make, contributes to 3 of your 5 a day, and has a little kick to it.

Girlie Gossip Rating: ★★★★★

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