The Great White is back! Hell’s Kitchen kicked off Monday night with one team instead of two and a new presenter Claudia Winkleman.
This years eight celebrity novices include Dynasty star Linda Evans, comedian Adrian Edmondson Shameless star Jody Latham, singer Niomi Daley (aka Ms Dynamite), model Danielle Bux, former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar, Anthea Turner and her husband Grant Bovey.

In a change from previous seasons White will be in charge of firing the celebrities, with them leaving one by one.
Only when the final four celebrities are left will the public be asked to vote.

And in a new twist the two celebrities Marco considers to have been the worst in each night’s task will be put on waiter duty the following evening.
During the first night White started with a challenge even before the camera started rolling.

He ordered each celebrity to make a sandwich in order to get an insight into their technical ability and personalities.
Grant came top with his club sandwich whilst Niomi came bottom with a Prawn, tomato and crisps combination which Marco described as been “truly nasty”. Dynasty actress, Linda Evan’s served up a sandwich of mixed meat, salad and honey prompting White to tell her that the creation tasted better than it looked considering it had “everything in there but the kitchen sink”.

The celebrities’ next task proved a little more challenging as they faced 60 hungry guests that evening.
On Wednesday Marco gave the celebrities a mission, to each cook a dish from the menu unassisted and without a recipe.

Ade took a gamble by adding some brown sauce to his dish but it paid off and he received praise from Marco unfortunately for him Anthea won the challenge with help from her husband Grant.

All you can hear in the kitchen is ‘Yes Marco’

Danielle attempted to take over the passé while Marco was out of the kitchen, but to Grant’s delight Marco put him in charge. At least for him no food got sent back and all the eight diners got their food in a timely manner. There was however a little breakdown in communication between Grant and Jody.
Thursday night Marco was joined by American superstar Chef Mario Batali who was keen to put the celebrities through their paces in a special cooking challenge.

All the celebrities were given the opportunity to attempt to cook and interpret their own take on a pasta dish.
Jody’s attempt at creating a pasta dish ended in disaster whilst Ade cheated and then kept his mouth shut as Marco lavished the praise on his dish of roast beef, horseradish and red wine pasta.

Ade and Danielle used pasta already made by Chef Mario Batali as they ran out of time.
Danielle owned up to fiery host Marco Pierre White who gave her a dressing-down.
Unfortunately his underhand tactics failed to work as Linda Grant won the challenge.
There was hell in the kitchen on Friday night – but it was thanks to the diners and not the celebrities.

Danielle Lloyd and Matthew Wright were among those to risk Marco Pierre White’s wrath by sending their food back.
But the worst offender was an ordinary member of the public who didn’t like being served ‘too many’ spears of asparagus for his starter and then later made a fuss about waiting for his dessert.

On Saturday evening Danielle and Anthea were demoted after failing to impress Marco. Danielle burst into tears after Chef Marco Pierre White screamed at her to carry a scorching hot tray.

Danielle later revealed that “If I was given the choice of the kitchen or coming back out for service, I’d rather just go home.”
Although Anthea enjoyed waiting on tables she failed to impress the diners and even disrespected Marco in the process by attempting to get some more chips for a diner.

Last night the girls of the show swooned and struggled to concentrate as guest Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli gave them a master class in preparing a dessert, a swan meringue.  Both Jody and Danielle won the challenge equally with their own take on the dessert. Danielle inspired by her daughter produced a swan meringue filled with marshmallows, ice cream, bananas and chocolate whilst Jody created a strawberry and chocolate filled swan meringue.
The maitre d’ Nick Munier faced yet another dissatisfied diner who complained about his girlfriends lamb been pink and not cooked enough.

It looks like while the celebrities are dealing well with the pressure of working with Marco while Maitre’d Nick is finding his job tougher than ever.
Shameless star Jody Latham attempted to be nice to his kitchen colleagues and redeem himself for his recent behavior. He apologised for swearing and calling his kitchen colleagues names, but when Chef Marco Pierre White asked the other contestants if they had forgiven him, they gave mixed reactions.
Last night White accepted his apologies for Jody’s recent erratic behavior but gave him the chop, as the first celebrity to leave.

It’s been a tough long week with tears, laughter and celebrities snapping under the pressure.

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By Joanne Rudd

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