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With Jody sent packing last night the mood in the kitchen had changed and there was no rest for the wicked has the celebrities had to endure another tough night in the kitchen.

Firstly, Marco asked each of them to cook something from their childhood. Each celebrity created something different; Ade made a simple sandwich with pilchards and tomato paste, Danielle created stuffed peppers, Bruce cooked chicken feet and Niomi made fried dumplings whilst Grant stuck to a traditional dish of fish and chips.

Every day Marco Pierre White constantly kept the celebrities on their toes shouting orders repetitively almost sounding like an auctioneer. It’s nice to see that the celebrities have overcome their fears and now find his constant shouting somewhat amusing. For one week now they have been watching Marco very closely but the big question is have they learnt enough to do his job?
Marco clearly has everyone’s attention in the kitchen but what do they think of him out of the kitchen.
The majority of the diners found him interesting and sexy, even the celebrities found him captivating, Danielle even called him ‘A wizard’.

On Tuesday night the pressure was on as they had an extra twenty mouths to feed and with Grant and Anthea on opposing teams for the challenge it got very interesting.
Ade provided some light entertainment during the sauce challenge with his hilarious impersonation of Marco, which he found very amusing.
It was battle of the sauces, cream vs. cheese; unfortunately Grant’s wasn’t Marcos favourite and Ade led his team to victory with a cheese sauce.
The pressure was on has the celebrities faced an extra twenty mouths to feed.
During service Grant was stationed on the Chip Shop, in charge of the chips and pomme puree but unfortunately he proved that he was out of his element when he burnt the pomme purée. Although the celebrities had a few hiccups during service the positive comments from the diners more than made up for them.

There was a big shock and a few tears has Marco gave Grant the chop. Marco felt that he showed no humility and wasn’t participating as a team player.  In the kitchen he would rather sink than ask for help. There’s only enough room for one boss.

It was an interesting evening for all the celebrities.

On Wednesday Marco gave the celebrities a task, flambéing crayfish. While Danielle attempted to complete the challenge Niomi stood back and watched, unfortunately letting the team down.
During the service Marco did the first sitting but then left the celebrities, leaving Ade and Anthea in charge on the pass. Ade stepped up becoming head chef and even added a little humour with his impersonation of Marco, while Anthea became the sue chef.
Niomi was stationed on ‘dead man’s station, in charge of the chips and pomme puree and she struggled facing a tough night and even declared that ‘Hells kitchen lives up to its name’.
After a busy the celebrities faced yet another shock when Bruce unfortunately decided to jump ship.

Thursday and it was the last day of sacking for Marco before the celebrities faced the public vote.
The celebrities each had to cook part of a lamb.
During the service Ade made a lot of mistakes overcooking the Tuna, dropping a bottle of olive oil but lucky for him so did Niomi.
Anthea never got off cooking asparagus and fennel, although she did do one night on the Chip shop.
The pressure of working in a kitchen of a high standard restaurant was starting to get to Niomi.
At the end of the service Marco gave Anthea the sack based on the fact that she didn’t make any improvements since the day she arrived. She always was consistent working hard; she even had cooking fennel down to a fine art.

On Friday Marco set the celebrities a challenge involving different types of eggs, Niomi chose to cook something very simple, eggy bread which Marco deemed as ‘delicious’, Linda stuck to something easy and cooked an omelette, Danielle attempted to cook mini fried eggs with the quails eggs. Ade cooked the goose egg.
Marco prepared them for battle and reminded them that it wasn’t a ‘tea party’ but a competition. The celebrities all looked like mini Marcos dressed alike and wearing bandanas.  The diners had no complaints for once; in fact they gave some words of encouragement to each celebrity.
Each celebrity has improved every night taking on any task that Marco has set for them; all four of them deserve to be in the final.

Danielle spent her time during service running around like road runner juggling tasks and helping Marco out on the pass. In fact Marco called her the ‘special link’
All celebs have had their ups and downs with a rollercoaster of emotions since coming to Hell’s Kitchen 11 days ago, Danielle and Niomi cried when Bruce decided to leave and then later were laughing in hysterics.
After a busy evening Marco prepared a midnight snack for the remaining four celebrities and revealed that he would love to do it every night. ‘If I had it my way we’d do this every night’.
Niomi unfortunately didn’t survive the public vote and was sent home. She was woman enough to speak her mind and woman enough to apologise for the way she spoke to Marco. Niomi was the only woman in the competition not to feel and find Marco intimidating.

On Saturday Marco gave the celebrities a mission to create a signature dish worthy for the menu. The celebrities put a lot of thought into their dishes, taking extra care with the preparation.
Niomi cooked a butternut squash and pumpkin soup, Ade cooked salmon with lemon juice and Linda made a crab dip, a dish that Marco described as ‘a brick’.
The remaining celebrities, Ade, Linda and Danielle were set another task, something that Marco often overlooks- a dessert. The celebrities were left a mixture of ingredients and ordered to create a pudding for the trolley.
Danielle won the challenge with her version of a trifle dessert but when she was asked to name her dessert she replied that she didn’t even like trifle. Marco responded by saying call it ‘I don’t even like trifle by Daniel whatever’. It was funny that this comment irritated Danielle yet it never bothered her that Marco constantly called her Daniel.
At the end of the evening the dreaded vote off had arrived and unfortunately Danielle narrowly missed making it to the final two.

Two weeks ago Hell’s Kitchen started with and eight celebrities novices, since then they have been kicked out, sacked and walked out and now only two celebrities remain.
The final mission and the toughest challenge so far both the remaining celebrities had to create lunch for Marco and his guest Raymond Blanc.
It was a mixture of terror and delight for Ade who attempted to recreate his winning dish of kippers and pheasants eggs.
Both Ade and Linda made several huge mistakes; Linda revealed it was ‘like the blind leading the blind’.
Overall, Linda won the challenge impressing Raymond and Marco with her edgy dish of salmon and oriental sauce.

In Mondays live final both Linda and Ade were locked in battle, with half the kitchen and their own team. The pressure was definitely heating up.
The two remaining celebrities Linda Evans and Adrian Edmondson each had their own team; Linda had Bruce and Anthea while Ade had Danielle and Niomi.
During service Ade spent the entire time running around like road runner juggling tasks and burning himself several times. Anthea took charge of the orders keeping Linda in line and on track reminding her that it was a competition.
Both teams did extremely well battling through the pressure to create some extraordinary dishes.

After two long weeks of hard work and menial tasks the public voted and Linda was crowned the winner of Hell’s kitchen.

By Joanne Rudd

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