Here’s Where The UK Excels As A Holiday Destination

Most of us dream of holidays on white sandy beaches. We want the air around us to be warm, and the sun to be...

Most of us dream of holidays on white sandy beaches. We want the air around us to be warm, and the sun to be shining. Getting that in the UK is pretty rare. We certainly can’t have that in the winter! But the UK is a pretty awesome holiday destination despite the weather. And let’s face it. We Brits are tough enough to endure a little bit of wind and rain when we have to.

The UK may only be small, but we have a substantial amount of coastline. This means you are never too far from a beach of some description. So when the sun does shine, that’s where a lot of us head. We also have some beautiful lakes in Cumbria. When the weather hasn’t gone completely mad, there isn’t a more beautiful place to take a holiday. Quaint villages, calm lakes, and beautiful hills to climb. What more could you want?


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It’s not just Cumbria that boasts some stunning views. Every county in the UK offers something unique and special to see. You only need to check out the tourist information pages for each one. Cornwall offers some amazing surf. The Scottish Highlands offer the most dynamic landscapes. And Kent is considered the Garden of England. Even your own County could be worth some extra exploration.

When we think about accommodation in the UK, the 1970s image of Basil Fawlty still comes to mind. Of course, real life isn’t like that. The UK offers a marvellous range of accommodation choices. The traditional B&B or bed and breakfast is just one of them. We Brits do love a Full English breakfast. And there’s nothing quite like the home cooked, locally sourced produce found in the B&B breakfast.

Holiday parks are also a firm favourite for Britons today. Many, like Hoburne Holiday Parks, provide facilities for all the family to enjoy. Accommodation these days is very much like a home away from home too. Some parks are for adults or seniors only. Others are themed to delight younger children in the family. There are often classes and activities to subscribe to as well to make this an action packed family holiday of fun.

British hotels also offer more than you would expect. Many of the international brands can be found in each city. And the homegrown hotels offer a lot more for your money than you would expect. Food is also exceptional when you eat at a hotel. You can expect excellent service and a rounded menu to suit all tastes. Best of all, a city hotel puts you in the centre of the community. With easy access to businesses, shopping, museums and galleries, Britain’s city centre hotels can be ideal.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales each have their own unique identities. The culture for each is firmly established wherever you choose to stay. Local traditions, local foods, and local accents delight millions of visitors from across the globe. But it’s we Brits that make the British holiday brilliant. Have a great stay.


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