Here’s Why Portugal Is A Great Travel Destination

There are plenty of awesome European destinations when you’re looking for a great holiday. But Portugal can offer you a lot more bang for...

There are plenty of awesome European destinations when you’re looking for a great holiday. But Portugal can offer you a lot more bang for your buck. It has a below average cost of living compared to the rest of Europe, and certainly has plenty of coastline. Best of all, Faro enjoys over three thousand hours of sunshine a year. That’s over eight hours every single day!

Getting to Portugal isn’t tough for the weary traveller either. It is located on the South Western edge of Spain. It’s certainly possible to drive there, take a train or a plane. You can even sail there. Many cruise lines stop along the Portuguese Algarve region. Why not charter a private yacht?

If you are a single traveller, Portugal may be a safer destination than others. For example, it has a substantially lower incidence of crimes recorded by Police than England and Wales. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be wary. Take the usual precautions and keep in touch at home.

Families love visiting Portugal. The beaches are perfect for all ages. There is really good surfing for families in Portugal as well. You can find several surfing hotspots along the coast. The beaches are rarely crowded in these areas either. The sand is often golden and in a good, clean state. You can usually find classes, courses, instructors and surfing gear near the beach too.

There are great seaside communities all along the coast. You can find food, drink, toilets, supermarkets and more. Many Portuguese people speak English well enough to help you out. It’s usually best to invest in a good phrasebook, though. Most facilities and signposts are well labelled, so get out your translator app or phrasebook to help you navigate the area.

Portugal is also making a name for itself among Expats. There are lots of pretty apartments available situated in good communities. Pools and Golf courses are often at the centre of the community. You can often make use of the facilities in these places, especially if you are renting one of the apartments. Golf is one of the most popular sports in Portugal. Another favourite activity is surfing.


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Of course, there are plenty of other activities to do in, on and near the water. Most beaches are family friendly, warm and sunny. You can find windsurfing, surfing, jet ski hire, and boat tours. Best of all, you can find a wealth of native wildlife. If you’re in the Vicentine Natural Park, you could be spotting White Storks and Marine Otters.

Portugal can also be a romantic destination for a young couple. The Sintra Woods has provided much inspiration for poets over the years. The quality of light here is astounding. Portugal seems to have its own hues, unique to this country. Watch the sun rise or set from a romantic medieval castle, or enjoy a raft of romantic activities like wine tasting and fine dining.

Portugal offers something special for everyone. Whether you travel alone, on honeymoon, or as a family, you won’t be disappointed. Make Portugal your destination choice.

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