Highlight Your Best Facial Features With These Tips!

Us girls forever want to improve our looks. There is nothing worse than catching your reflection during the day and thinking ‘is that what I’ve looked like all day?!’. Avoid this by defining your best facial features! All of us look different, so the features we need to define will always vary. Here are the most likely facial features that you will want to enhance, and how you can do it. Never be disappointed with your reflection again!


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Defining your cheeks is very on trend at the moment. Enhanced cheekbones give definition to your whole face, so this is one which everybody should try out. To do this, ideally you will need some contour, highlighter, and bronzer. First, you should contour just below your cheekbone, to give some serious definition. Then, sweep some bronzer across your actual cheekbone if you are looking for more of a glow. Finally, apply some highlighter above your cheekbone. It can come either as a powder or cream. I personally find the cream more effective, as the powder can end up all over your face! Highlighter should definitely be used sparsely, so you don’t look too shimmery. And wallah, gorgeous cheeks!


Eyes are supposedly the windows to your soul, so definitely need dressing up! Mascara and eyeliner are your best friends if you want them to stand out. Sweep mascara across your eyelashes to make your eyelashes look longer. Trying using both one that makes them look longer, and one that increases volume for a real impact. Eyeliner will also widen your eyes. The golden rule, do not use it on your waterline! This will make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. Use pencil eyeliner beneath your bottom lashes and liquid eyeliner along your top eyelid for real impact. You could even finish off the line with a flick for a bit of glamour! If you really want to push the boat out, without even having to wear any makeup, you could try Juicy Contacts. These lenses will change the color of your eyes if you are bored with your natural shade, which will really make them pop.


Thanks to Kylie Jenner, big lips are in. To perfect your pout, you will need to make sure you are using the right color. Everyone’s face will suit different shades of lippy, so make sure you have done your research before buying a load of colours that don’t suit you! There are plenty of guides on the web that can help you out with this. Once you know your colour, make sure you buy both lipstick AND lip liner. Lip liner is often overlooked, but it is actually key in getting your lipstick right. As well as lining your lips, draw a few lines from the edge of your lips towards the centre, so the liner blends better. Then apply your lipstick. You might choose to blend to different colours, to give a bit of a ombre look. Then make sure to use some lip locker. It stings but it’s worth it to keep your lipstick on all day!

Try out these tips to highlight your best facial features!

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