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There is no denying that August is one of the best times of the year to go on holiday. You get the best of the weather and can enjoy the last few weeks of the Summer Holiday in the best possible way.

Since Love Island has drawn to a close and people have emerged from summer hibernation we thought it would be the best time to put together a list of holiday essentials!

For everything you need for a smooth holiday, keep reading … 🙂


。 Pantene 。

Here at Girlie Gossip, we have been HUGE fans of Pantene for longer than we care to remember. So you can imagine how excited we were to hear about their new Micellar Cleanse + Nourish range! We were not disappointed. Like all Pantene products, the shampoo and conditioner smell incredible. Really fresh and light with sweet undertones. The perfect scent for summer.

If you are a fan of micellar water too, then this product is a must have. It is for use on hair that is prone to greasiness and it leaves the hair feeling clean, light and with very little residue. So, if you have the extra space in your luggage we highly recommend this! Or alternatively get some empty travel bottles to transfer the product in to. A little goes a long way and the shampoo lathers up wonderfully.

。 Phil Smith 。

The entire Phil Smith range is lovely, in fact, their Cocolicious range has been a firm summer favourite! Their mini travel essentials, however, are just perfect for your holiday!

They are all under 100ml and extremely affordable. The Total Treat Argan Oil, (my personal fav,) locks in moisture and helps to heal dry hair. This item is perfect for people whose hair, like mine, dries out super fast. The Glam Shine Glossing Serum transforms frazzled hair into groomed perfection in one simple step and the curly locks control cream kicks rebellious locks and curls into shape. All of these items make things super easy which is exactly what you want on holiday.

。 Palmers 。

The smell of Palmer’s award-winning Coconut Oil formula body range immediately makes me think of being on holiday! Palmer products contain ethically and sustainably sourced raw, organic Coconut oil. It is a natural ingredient which contains high levels of fatty acids which help to lock in moisture, ensuring your skin is hydrated and smelling incredible!

There is a huge range of products to choose from, all extremely affordable too. My personal favourite is their Body Cream. It has the most delicious buttery texture, smells amazing and is so gentle on my dry and sensitive skin. A definite must have for the holiday season.

。 Merci Handy 。

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gels are perfectly sized for travel. I pop them into my hand luggage for easy access. They are available in a whole load of different scents, each one more delicious than the one before, and they leave your hands feeling lovely and soft. I struggle to find products that do not dry out my hands or cause a breakout but Merci Handy is really gentle on my skin.

Their face spray range is a new product to me and I have become a woman obsessed. Again, the product is sized for travel and it fits perfectly in my handbag. I now take this product with me wherever I go. You simply spray your face for a little pick me up. The mist smells amazing and it is so refreshing, light and gentle. The bottle has a really nice spray too, the mist lands gently on your face and it feels incredible!

。 Sleek 。

Sleek Makeup is definitely up there with one of my favourite drugstore brands. Fantastic quality and wearable makeup for great prices. Sleek Makeup is always my choice for travel because the packaging is fab! For drugstore products, the packaging far exceeds all expectations. It has a very classic and, well, sleek, look and finish to it, but it is incredibly sturdy and durable too. I know I don’t have to worry about my makeup getting damaged. It is a great size and not bulky, all in all just great.

The formula of their products is lovely, they wear really well and last all day and there is no caking or drying out in my problem areas. Our, without a doubt, number one choice for travel!

。 Electric Hairdressing London 。

The ‘Take Me With You’ kit by Electric Hairdressing London is a combination of four different products all placed in their own handy clear zipped travel bag. All of the products are the perfect size for travel and please, just take a minute to admire the packaging! Simple and stylish!

In the kit, you get: Hydrate Shampoo – 60ml / Hydrate Conditioner – 60ml / Smoothing Cream – 60ml / Intensive Treatment Masque 60ml

All of these products are the perfect holiday companions, particularly because it tends to be a time when your hair requires a little extra moisture and a little extra care. The shampoo and conditioner smell really fresh and leave your hair soft and shiny and easy to manage. They also leave very little residue on the hair after use which is something I personally look for an appreciate.

。 Prevasore & Eyelergy 。

I am a firm believer in being prepared for everything when travelling! So whilst these things may not be entirely glamorous they are certainly a must have that should not be overlooked.

‘Prevasore’ Lip Balm is our lip care of choice! It is liquorice flavoured, which I enjoy immensely. The product has a blend of protective ingredients which help to rebalance the moisture levels within the skin, restoring softness and encouraging the healing or dry, cracked or chapped lips. Furthermore, a barrier is then created which helps the lips to retain moisture and protect against any further damage. In the same way, you care for your skin on holiday, you need to care for your lips too.

‘Eyelergy’ Eye Drops are another product that is perfect for travel. The last thing you want is for your eyes to be itchy and irritated when you are trying to enjoy yourself! Eyelergy eye drops ease symptoms of mild hay fever, relieve and protect against irritation and refresh dry eyes. The eye drops can be used by adults and children from 6 years of age, are suitable for use with contact lenses, can be used as needed and they act quickly. They also come in extremely practical single dose droppers which make them perfect for travel! I simply pop a couple in my purse for easy access, and some extras in a backpack and I am covered.

Lip Balm                 Eye Drops


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