Well, it’s here girls, the book you’ve all been waiting for! Holly’s inbox scandal in the city is the second book to be published from idea’s first created on the fantastic website Holly’s Inbox.Com – A real time based website where you can literally log on and read the personal emails of receptionist Holly Denham.

Whilst the first book dealt more with Holly getting her new job and struggling to fit in at work, this new book ‘Scandal in the City’ delves deeper into Holly’s personal life as we learn more about her likes, dislikes and insecurities that make her such a loveable character….

One of the many things that make this book so enjoyable is the fact that Holly is really just like any one of us, she’s down to earth, fun and has her fair share of good and bad times just like the rest of us. As you read the book you find yourself identifying with certain situations, laughing alongside her and feeling her pain when things get tough. Her group of close friends are also equally exciting as we get sneak peeks into a couple of their inboxes and learn more about each one individually.

You won’t be able to put this book down once you’ve started as it really is compulsive reading, proving entertaining from start to finish and surprisingly heartfelt and moving beyond my expectations.

Girlie Gossip recommends Holly’s Inbox Scandal in the City as The Hottest, Must Read Book of the Summer!

How The Website & Books Came to Be:

Author Holly Denham say’s “The Idea came initially when someone left our company and we had to trawl through their deleted items to look for client info.
Their emails were all so deliciously sexy and salacious and so utterly addictive that when they ran out, we were all in mourning, and an idea soon developed….

A mass email was sent out to friends and family and friends of friends, telling them NOT to look at Holly’s Inbox because this LIVE inbox had been posted onto the web without Holly’s permission and it was an invasion of her privacy. The email said you could see what Holly was saying to her colleagues, but what she REALLY thought of them, what her fears were, her inhibitions, her desires and who made their heart skip a beat. That mixed with her crazy friends, delinquent brother and scary mother made for indulgent reading.”

She adds :

It’s been so much fun, the people on the site have been so fantastic, a really fun friendly community of chic-lit lovers – we had a forum and a live chat room, and we’d release secrets each week about characters or things coming up in the plot each Friday. Everyone would be chatting about it waiting to hear the announcement, but sometimes I couldn’t think of any new secrets to tell them about, so I’d go into the chat room, and everyone would notice – LOOK – Announcement has arrived, announcement is about to release the secret, and I’d say something like ‘ do you want to know this weeks secret’ and I remember once someone saying ‘yes for the love of god, I’ve been so excited and waiting all morning, I’ve ignored my husband, a hair appointment and a long overdue waxing, so please just tell me the secret!’ – I replied ‘the secret is….’ They shouted ‘WHAT???’ – ‘THE SECRET IS….’ I typed “WHAT???’ they are screamed ‘THE SECRET IS GOING TO BE REVEALED IN AN HOURS TIME’ (as I still couldn’t think of one)
Once I took something from the chat room conversation and put it in the live story line and they noticed and the person who’d initially written the comment said ‘I’m going to have to run out and pinch myself, do I exist? Or am I just in Holly’s book???’

So, what are you waiting for? get hold of the books now or head over to http://www.hollysinbox.com for more info!

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