5 easy to do at home activities for kids

Keeping the kids busy at home can sometimes be difficult, but luckily for you, we’ve rounded up 5 easy activities to do at home, to keep the kids entertained and give you five minutes peace to enjoy a nice cuppa!

Activity 1: Painting Practice
Keep your child busy with some DIY painting. Before they start, protect your table with a plastic sheet – this will avoid any paint splashes or stains and give you a peace of mind when they’re busy creating masterpieces!
Make it fun for them by taking away the paint brushes and replacing them with chopped fruit or vegetables, this way they’ll be able to create colourful shapes and patterns.

Top tip: put your little Picassos in an apron to protect their clothes getting messy!

Activity 2: Hide & Seek
This game never gets old and can keep your little ones entertained for a good hour or so. Set up some ground rules before they start, for example, if there are any rooms you’d rather them not hide in, then make that clear beforehand.
Get the players to play rock, paper, scissors to decide who will be counting and who will be hiding and send them on their way!


Activity 3: Storytime
Story making is a lovely way to keep your children busy. Set your child a theme to write about, such as princesses, pirates or animals and give them 8-10 pieces of paper (enough for pictures and writing).
Top tip: plan to read this together at bedtime. This is sure to get your little one excited and ready for bed quickly and efficiently!

Activity 4: Lights, Camera, Action
Why not create an at home cinema? Shut the curtains, give your little one a bowl of popcorn or their favourite snack and put on their most loved film. This child-friendly entertainment option will keep them happy and entertained for just over an hour (the average children’s film is around 70minutes).

Activity 5: Get Outdoors
Make the most of the last few weeks of summer and get outdoors. The fresh air will do you both good, so why not blow up the paddling pool or set up a playhouse for them to enjoy. Children’s furniture companies such as Room to Grow have a fabulous range of playhouses and teepees to provide hours of fun for your child.
If it’s warm enough sit out on a sun lounger, lap up some rays while your child is busy playing.
Top tip: for those days where it doesn’t seem that sunny, remember to apply some sun protector. You can never be too safe in the sun!

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