Hoover Unplugged: When Size Does Matter

In the old days, vacuum cleaners were bulky machines that could be challenging to use, especially in tight spaces, between corners, on stairs and under furniture. Fortunately, the introduction of the Hoover Unplugged range of vacuum cleaners has changed the game in such a way that sleek, slim, and stylish has become the gold standard for Hoover home appliances.

Sleek Lines, Slim Profile

Hoover’s home appliances are designed ergonomically with sleek, streamlined features that can easily blend into modern home furniture and furnishings. This is true for the Unplugged series of vacuum cleaners, and there are many reasons for this.
For one thing, the sleek lines of Hoover’s vacuum cleaners mean that there are no jutting angles, bulky bags, and large cases that can increase the risks of injuries during use. Think about it: With an Unplugged vacuum cleaner, you can focus on cleaning your home without worrying about getting snagged on jutting angles or injured by the heavy weight of the appliance.
You can use a Hoover Unplugged vacuum cleaner in any room – the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, for example – with ease. Since it has a flat-to-floor design, even the spaces below low-lying furniture can be thoroughly cleaned – no lifting heavy items, no crouching down, and no awkward manoeuvres.

This is not possible with many other brands of vacuum cleaners where big is beautiful. But with big proportions come big issues regarding manoeuvrability – well, at least, where portable home appliances like vacuum cleaners are concerned.
Another advantage of the slim profile of any of the Unplugged vacuum cleaners is fast, easy and convenient storage. There’s no need to set aside a large space in the cupboard for the appliance because it can be placed in the corner – and you can forget about it until the next vacuuming session.

Powerful Engine, Great Battery

Does size matter? Yes, of course, especially with Hoover Unplugged vacuum cleaners. But don’t be fooled by the slim profile, the sleek lines, and the stylish design of Hoover’s Unplugged vacuum cleaners. You will find that these home appliances may be beautiful on the outside but their engines are powerful on the inside – a perfect combination of enviable beauty and power that other brands strive to equal but have yet to achieve.

The new Hoover Unplugged range provides consumers with up to 30V of engine power. Keep in mind that, with modern technology, small does not necessarily equate to weak and this is true for the Unplugged series.

The 30V engine has a powerful suction that can easily get accumulated dirt, dust, and pet hair, among other things, off hard-to-reach and high-traffic areas. Just direct the nozzle at the places to be cleaned, hold the position for the sufficient amount of time, and then check to determine that these are indeed clean.

But what use is a powerful engine without a long-lasting battery? Every single Unplugged vacuum cleaner has a battery that provides for 60 minutes – yes, an hour – of uninterrupted power. You can then vacuum your entire home in just a single session – and look, no wires!

Suffice to say you shouldn’t dismiss the Hoover Unplugged series of vacuum cleaners because of their small size, because these hide powerful engines and durable batteries, among other functional features.

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