How to Get an Immaculate Makeup Look

Having immaculate makeup is something many women dream of. Perfect faces are thrust in our faces all day long, via the media. They are in the newspaper, magazines, online and on the TV. But how can we make our faces look like them? How can we get the perfect skin, defined brows, and long, fluttery lashes? Here are just a few tips you can use to help you!

Prep and Prime

You must prep and prime your skin before you do anything to make sure you get the best result and longest lasting finish. Prep the skin by performing your regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Wait 5 minutes if possible. Then you can apply your primer, ready for your foundation and anything else you use to go on top of.

Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools will help you to create an even more flawless finish. Using special sponges can help to make your foundation look flawless and pore free. Using brushes can set foundation and create an amazing contoured look all over the face. It depends on which brushes you have, as some are more suited to others. Consider buying a beginner’s kit and go from there.


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Experiment With Different Methods and Techniques

Experimenting is what getting an immaculate look is all about. This way, you learn what works for your own individual face. It’s all well and good knowing what works for other people, but it’s best to know what works for you.

Always Choose the Right Shades

Shades will vary from person to person. There are different shades of shadow for each eye colour, different shades of foundation for skin, and even different shades for brows. Make sure you go for the best shades to enhance your features, rather than distract from them or mask them.

Do a Class

There are all kinds of makeup classes you can do. If you want more extensive knowledge and training, you could even do a course. It depends how serious you are about your makeup. If you only want to do it on yourself, you might be ok with Youtube tutorials.  

Apply in Natural Light

Natural light is the only way to get the most perfect finish! If you can’t do it in natural light for whatever reason, get a mirror that mimics this light.


Blending is your very best friend with an immaculate makeup look. Your bronzer and highlighter needs to be perfectly blended, as does your foundation in your hairline. The eyeshadow in the crease of your eye needs to be blended like there’s no tomorrow too. You really can’t blend enough if you want the best result!

Use these tips often enough, and you’ll soon have an immaculate makeup look. Your selfie game will be so on point, you won’t need to take hundreds before you finally manage a nice one! Soon you won’t be lusting after the celeb’s perfect makeup, others will be lusting after yours. Practice makes perfect! Come back soon.


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