If you want a gorgeous French manicure or perfectly shaped talons, you’re going to need to get your nails in amazing condition. For some, it’ll take longer than others. However, if you stick to a routine you’ll end up with enviably long, strong nails in no time at all. Here’s how to do it:

Don’t Use Nails as Tools

We are all guilty of doing this sometimes, but you need to become mindful of when you’re doing it so you can stop. We shouldn’t use nails as tools for anything, whether we’re trying to take a key off a keyring or open a package of some sort. Take care of your nails as if they were fragile.

Gently File When Needed

Your nails will need filing from time to time, but you need to make sure you’re gentle. Make sure the grit of the nail file isn’t too harsh for your nails, and that you’re only filing in one direction to avoid splits. Try to get them all the same length and shape to make them look their best.

Always Apply Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a must. It’ll soften your cuticles, get your nails nice and strong, and just make your hands look better. Apply this several times a day. Carry an oil around with you to remind you to apply it. If you’re applying a polish, apply cuticle oil afterwards.



Use a Hand Cream Daily

Apply a handcream to again, moisturise your nails and make your hands look better. Carry this with you too so you apply it when you remember.

Protect Them from the Elements

Protecting your nails from the elements will help. You protect your skin from the sun, and your nails need protecting too! To do this, apply a clear coat of polish. Better yet, apply a product like Nailtiques formula 2 to improve the condition of your nails. It really works!

Treat Them When Needed

Sometimes, we can suffer from problems like nail fungus – 1 in 10 people suffer from it, so it could very well happen to you. It isn’t dangerous, but it looks unsightly. Using the best nail fungus treatment to get rid of it is a good idea. You can then follow the advice in this guide to make sure your nails look perfect.

Buff Them

Buffing the nails improves circulation, which encourages growth. It also makes the nail plate smooth and shiny, which makes them look great alone or with a polish applied. Buffing before application of polish will help the polish to adhere to the nail plate better too. You don’t even have to put much effort into buffing; you can buy products like the Emoji Nail Polisher that do most of the work for you.

If you’re consistent with these tips, you should be able to make your nails look amazing. Bear in mind that the food you eat can also have something to do with the condition of your nails. If you still can’t get your nails to cooperate, then it might be best to visit a doctor and see if there are any underlying problems!


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