How to Plan a Killer Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party is one of those things that starts out really fun and quickly gets pretty dull and boring. There’s a lot...

Planning a birthday party is one of those things that starts out really fun and quickly gets pretty dull and boring. There’s a lot to get right though, and that’s because there’s a lot that can go wrong! Here’s how you can plan a killer birthday party.


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Pick a Great Venue

The first big decision you’ll have to make when planning your party is where it will be held. The venue is very important, if you get it wrong, the whole party could be ruined. Where you hold it will depend on what kind of party you want to create and who will be coming.

If you have a mix of friends and family members attending, you’ll have to pick something that will be suitable for everyone of all ages. This can be difficult, but you should be able to find a solution with a bit of thought. In situations like that, it’s often best to use your home as the venue if it’s big enough.

Draw Up a Guest List

Next, you’ll have to draw up your guest list and decide who you want at your party. This might sound simple, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Before you decide who comes, you need to decide how many people you want at the party. This will have an effect on how much you spend on food and drinks.

You might be tempted to invite a few hundred people, but it’s not a good idea to invite more people than you can realistically afford to cater for. Parties aren’t much fun if you’re worried if you’ve spent more than you can afford on food and drink.

Provide the Entertainment

Every party needs great entertainment; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a kids party or someone’s 50th. There are all kinds of solutions to your entertainment needs, just use your brain. You should start by setting up the speaker system and planning the music that gets played. You could even hire a DJ.

A few fun party games are always a good idea too. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are loads of online resources with endless party games for you to try out. If you ask me, the best competitions are those that create a competitive edge to the party, but what you go for is up to you.

Pick a Theme

Themes aren’t always necessary, but they certainly are a lot of fun. For example, you’re never too old for a fancy dress party! Visit and check out all the fancy dress options and you’ll realise they’re not just for children. And it’s always fun to see what your friends come dressed as.

Alternatively, you could go for a more specific theme of your choice. It could be related to your own specific interests. So, if you’re a football fan, you could tell everyone to dress up as a famous sports star.

If you get all of these key factors right, you should have a hugely successful party on your hands!


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