How to Put a Winning Outfit Together the Easy Way

Do you struggle to put amazing outfits together? Maybe it takes you longer than you’d like and you’d like to look more effortless. Perhaps you feel your outfits are lacking in something and you want a new perspective on things. Take a look at this guide and you’ll have lots of inspiration to work with!

Check Pinterest

If you’re totally stuck for inspiration, check Pinterest to give you some ideas. Create a board full of looks that you absolutely love, and then pick one of them when you need an idea. You’ll begin to notice patterns too. Maybe you seem to really like outfits that are girly and pretty, or you love zebra print. This’ll make shopping so much easier if you bear it in mind before you buy!

Look at a Colour Wheel

Not sure what colours look good together? Use a colour wheel to help you. You can find colours that compliment one another perfectly here, or even contrast. Depending on the look you want to create, the colour wheel can be a massive help. Just remember that the colours you mix should be in the similar ‘tone’ family. Pastels with pastels, brights with brights, etc.

Make Sure It’s Balanced

Any outfit you put together should be balanced. This means you need to pay attention to the fit and cut of an item. If you’re planning on wearing a fitted top half, you should consider wearing something looser on your bottom half. You definitely don’t want an outfit that’s tight all over. In the same way, you don’t want a loose top half and loose bottom half, as you’d drown yourself in fabric. With a looser top half, you can balance with a tighter bottom half. There are exceptions, but very few!


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Work Around One Specific Item

If there’s one thing you definitely want to wear, them work around that item first. If you know you want to wear your animal print coat, start pairing things with that to see what looks good. If you know you want to wear your red shoes, start with those. Some people even start with their accessories. Handmade pearl earrings are something you want to show off, so you’ll need to wear something and do your hair in a way that enhances them.

Consider Your Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup play a big part in how good your outfits look. If you’re wearing something with an interesting neckline, it might be nice to have your hair up for a change. If you’re wearing a really glam outfit, you know you need to go more dramatic with your makeup. Your hair and makeup are as much an accessory as anything else.

Make Sure it’s Suited to the Occasion

Of course your outfit needs to be suited to the occasion. A wedding calls for a really classy, formal get up, while a party means you can wear a minidress and not worry.

This guide should make putting outfits together much easier for you. I hope you love the new looks you create – leave your thoughts below!


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