How To Quit Smoking – Permanently

Smoking is one of the toughest habits to break. We all know how bad cigarettes are for us, yet despite the evidence, so many...

Smoking is one of the toughest habits to break. We all know how bad cigarettes are for us, yet despite the evidence, so many of us keep on puffing. So, having been through all the benefits of kicking the habit recently, we thought we would give you some ideas of how to quit. It’s never too soon – and, hopefully, it won’t be too late.

Know when you like to smoke

There are times during the day that you will reach for your cigarettes. Maybe it’s during a break at work, after a meal, or with an alcoholic drink. Try and remove yourself from those moments for a couple of weeks while you are quitting. It can be tough to do when you have constant reminders of what you’re missing.

Work on your willpower

There’s one reason you haven’t already quit cigarettes – you lack the willpower. When temptation is dangling in front of you, you find it hard to say no. This has to change, or you won’t make it. There’s an excellent guide to sharpening up your willpower over at Check it out, see what you can take from it, and who knows; maybe it will change your life?

Start noticing what your body is telling you

Smokers tend to be oblivious about what their bodies are telling them. Whether it’s coughing up gunk in the morning, or chest pains, it doesn’t matter – it’s a sign you are poisoning yourself. So, start putting the blame for those issues firmly where it is deserved: your smoking habit. Once you begin to have negative thoughts about your cigs, it will be easier to say goodbye to them.



Use alternatives

You have probably heard about ecigs and vaping equipment. It’s a great way to wean yourself off the real smokes while still delivering a nicotine hit. There are plenty of different types to try, so find one that works for you. You could go for the ecig option, a vaping unit, or something like a cigalike. What is a cigalike? Well, it’s just an ecig that looks and feels like a standard cigarette. It might help you fool your brain into thinking you are smoking the real thing.

Get support

To get through any addiction, you will need a great support network. Tell all your family, friends and work colleagues that you are quitting your habit. You should also avoid those people that encourage you to give in – there are plenty of them around. It’s not a permanent thing, but those first few weeks are going to be critical to your success. It’s the hardest period, without a doubt, and losing any temptation will only help. As will having good friends around to support you.

Surround yourself with the positives

A lot of the benefits from quitting cigarettes take a while to show up. But, there are a few things that you will notice quickly. For example, your senses of smell and taste come back after a day or two. And, you will also stop getting those slight twangs in your legs, chest, and the rest of your body. Take these benefits and remember them – the second you start smoking again, you will be back to how you were.

Good luck – you can do this!

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