A party is a great way to mark a special occasion. And when the person for whom you’re throwing the party doesn’t have a clue what’s about to arrive, then the results can be truly memorable. The look on their face when they realise that someone’s made a special effort can often justify all the effort and planning in itself. So how do you go about throwing a surprise party that’s up to the required standard? Let’s take a look at some of the prerequisites.

Do your research

If you’re throwing a surprise party for someone and inviting all of their friends, then you might already know quite a bit about them. But getting the details right will persuade them you’ve been paying attention, and make the entire experience that much more pleasant.

Nothing quite takes the gloss off a surprise party than the feeling that it’s been built from a one-size-fits-all template. Do your research and avoid this effect.

Get organised

A really effective surprise party is beyond the capabilities of any one person – unless they want the job to be a full-time one. Make a list of all of the elements you’d like to include and the steps you’ll need to take in order to make it all happen.

Then delegate to the people who’ve offered to help. Have a person in charge of food, a person in charge of party decorations, and a person in charge of
the music. Most important will be the people who are actually escorting the person from place to place before the trap is sprung – they’ll need to be well-briefed and able to think on their feet to deal with any hidden surprises. You might use WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to coordinate the whole thing. Just make sure that the chat isn’t clogged up with useless gifs and irrelevancies.

Get everyone there ahead of time

One of the practical problems for organisers of surprise parties is getting everyone there before the surprise is yelled. Make sure that everyone appreciates the need for urgency, and make sure that everyone knows exactly when the surprise is going to happen. The more people are there to yell, the better.

Don’t neglect the menu

The most important component of any party is the food and drink that’ll be on supply. You want to cater to everyone’s tastes, but especially for those of the person, you’re surprising. The style of your party will exert a huge influence on your dining arrangements. Cater to vegetarians and vegans, as the chances are good there will be at least one of them in attendance – and possibly more.

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