How You Can Start to Sleep Better at Night

Sleeping well at night time is very important. The way we sleep during the night dictates how we act and perform during the day....

Sleeping well at night time is very important. The way we sleep during the night dictates how we act and perform during the day. If we don’t sleep very well, we can end up in a bad mood, and not performing at our best. This post will give you some useful tips on sleeping better at night, so you can finally wake up feeling refreshed. Take a look!

Exercise in the Day

Exercising in the day is a surefire way to feel more tired at nighttime. Make sure you don’t exercise too close to bedtime; as you can end up feeling more awake and it could take you hour to drop off. It’s best to exercise in the morning or early afternoon. Even if it’s just light exercise, you should feel more ready for sleep by bedtime. Don’t sit on your bum all day and expect to feel tired at bedtime!

Cut Back on Caffeine

Caffeine can help us to function, but too much of it can be detrimental to our health. Cut back on the amount of caffeine you consume, and never drink it in the evening. Stick to just 2 cups of coffee per day, and then drink green tea if you still need a pick me up. You can drink things like Rooibos tea before bed to help you feel sleepier if you need it.

Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Take a look at your bedroom and work out if it needs to be more relaxing. Can you create a comfier bed? Latex and hybrid foam mattress toppers can help you to feel comfier as you drop off. Is it a mess? A messy room can make you feel unsettled, so make sure everything is tidy. You might also want to look into feng shui to make sure your room has the right kind of energy!



Get Rid of Electricals

Having electricals in the bedroom is a really bad idea. Not only may you be tempted to use them, something as simple as a dot of light can trick your brain into thinking it has to stay awake! If possible, remove TVs and anything else that could affect your sleeping pattern from the room. Your brain needs to associate this room with sleep!

Wind Down in Advance

Take the time to wind down in advance. Shut off electricals as early as possible, so your brain knows that it’ll soon be bedtime. Read a book. Take a bath. Do whatever it takes to help you feel more relaxed.

All of these things can be done even if you’re on a budget! You don’t need to spend money on a fancy new bed or room decor. All you need to do is make sure you’re expending most of your energy in the day, and that you’re not confusing your brain. If you really want to sleep better at night, use these tips and you’ll see a huge difference. Any tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!


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