I Am Not My Anxiety! As part of mental health week, we are writing a series of posts surrounding different aspects of mental health issues. Today we will be covering not just anxiety, but the fact that we are not our disorders.

In my opinion, there is not enough awareness surrounding mental health and therefore, many people are uneducated and lack understanding. Sometimes though no fault of their own, there is a misconception and I would just like to clear a few things up.

I’m Not A Crazy Person

When some people think of mental health, they think of a lunatic¬†asylum. Someone in a straight jacket in a padded room rocking back and forth. This is not the case at all. If you met me, you wouldn’t even know I have anxiety. I am still a “normal” person, I enjoy “normal” things. I have a family, children, friends, pets, a full-time job.

I’m Not Going To Hurt You

I’m not going to suddenly lose control and attack you. Far from it. If anything, I stay away from people and crowds and I’m a very quiet person. I don’t have voices in my head telling me to kill people (although this is a very real issue for some and should not be made fun of)

I Still Enjoy My Life

Although anxiety can sometimes be crippling, I do have good days. I laugh with my friends, I bake with my kids, I sing while I clean my kitchen. Anxiety comes in waves for me and I can still have fun and laugh until I almost pee myself just like everyone else.

I’m Still Me!

I’m still the person I have always been. Just because I have an anxiety disorder, it doesn’t change who I am. I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, a beauty-obsessed blogger, a baker, an animal lover, a Netflix addict. I have a silly sense of humor and I love to laugh and sing! What I’m trying to say is, I am so much more than a girl with an anxiety disorder. I am a person just like everyone else.

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