I want her style! Olivia Palermo – The City


She’s the ice queen socialite of The City, but that doesn’t stop us from lusting after her wardrobe! She may be venomous to our Whitney but we have to give her props for her flawless fashion sense! Always immaculate, she is the epitome of Fifth Avenue fashion royalty, and never ceases to amaze us with her perfectly polished style.

Tailored Trousers
Most of the time Olivia is professional and preened in smart work wear that puts our tatty work skirts to shame. You’ll be pleased to hear though, that like us, Olivia is a huge fan of Topshop. Grab the same stylish grey tapered trousers for just £35 from good old faithful.


In keeping with her well kept fierce outfits, Olivia is always spotted wearing loose, light coloured blouses. Whether she pairs them with tight skirts or loose short shorts, she dresses them up and down for any occasion. We found our very own airy, light weight blouse from Miss Selfridge, fully equipped with a vertical ribbed bib effect and casual short rolled sleeves. This is perfect for tucking into a classic black high waisted skirt, or setting free over some loose fitting shorts and heels.

Fitted Blazer
Olivia is rarely seen without a signature tailored blazer or jacket. Instead of the usual boyfriend blazer, she often opts for a tuxedo style, with long sharp lapels and a higher cut on the body, for maximum sleekness. Asos have given us the perfect blazer to complete Olivia’s style, and at £55 it’s a steal!

Black Dress
Although when stepping out in her casual shopping attire she sports some colour, most of the time Olivia is dressed head to toe in black, from her Louboutins to her black shift dress. She dresses up her black outfits by ensuring that they involve at least one of the trends on the catwalk at the time. A fan of the shoulder pads, they’re faultless in an understated black dress. French Connection holds the key to the perfect slim line black dress. At £85 it may seem steep for a black dress, but this isn’t just any LBD!



Olivia’s outfit is always accompanied by some beautiful arm candy. She usually opts for black or neutral colours, and neat, classic shapes. Not the cheapest bag ever, but this leather satchel is well worth the money! It exudes glamour, elegance and professional perfection!

By Sarah Kwong

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