Ideal Summer Wines!

Summer seems to be coming to and end here in the UK, so make the most of what little sun we have left (or perhaps this ‘Indian Summer’ we keep getting promised) by checking out our article for a look at some great wines for summer.

Caves Saint Pierre

Grown on the southern Rhone Valley, just below Avignon, these wines offer you refined structure and intense ripeness, a result of immaculate vineyard terrain throughout the medieval villages of the Rhone Valley. This is home to the intense Mourvedre and Cinsault red grapes used to make these magnificent wines, as well as the fruity Grenache white grape….

Caves Saint-Pierre Preference Côtes-du-Rhône White is a lively white with a touch of honey and crisp citrus notes. It’s £5.99, available at Tesco.


One of the oldest French Huguenot wine farms still in operation, Laborie offers a wide selection of contemporary wines from South Africa, produced in the New World style. Laborie wines can be trusted to deliver consistent quality from vintage to vintage, and has a French Huguenot birthright dating back to 1691.

Laborie chardonnay – Medium to full bodied, with hints of citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of butterscotch. It has a creamy aftertaste with a subtle crispness. The gentle use of oak adds complexity. £6.99 and available at Majestic

KWV Lifestyle

South African Life. South African Style.
When you enjoy KWV wine you experience a part of South Africa – a unique and diverse country with vibrant and hospitable people and a spirit, lifestyle, culture, natural treasures and cuisine like no other. The country is enriched with many fascinating experiences and amazing places. And wherever you go,
KWV Wines reflect the nature of the Rainbow People.
KWV Lifestyle Chenin Blanc is a white wine perfect for summer, it is full of citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavours. And is £4.99 from Morrison’s.

Pearly Bay

Just for the fun of it!
On the magnificent southern Cape coast lies a vast stretch of heather covered dunes and a dazzling, pearly white beach.
Here summer days are spent having fun in the sun, and balmy evenings call for lazy strolls and relaxed picnics. Not too far from here lie the vineyards where the grapes for our wines are harvested. The heat of the Cape summer ripens the grapes to perfection, and in the afternoon gentle southern breezes from the Bay cool the grapes and ensure the perfect balance.

Pearly Bay Cape White is an easy drinking, refreshing, fruity white wine with a crisp, dry finish. Enjoy this wine on it’s own, or with salads and seafood. £2.99 at Morrison’s.

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