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I had wanted this lipstick for about 6 months.It had been sold out for as long as I had wanted it, and because I...

I had wanted this lipstick for about 6 months.It had been sold out for as long as I had wanted it, and because I am obsessed with mermaids, and it was part of the “Sirens” collection from Illamasqua I just HAD to have it.

There was no question in my mind, I needed it.The fact that it was pink was a huge perk haha!So she spotted it on Illamasqua,which we will here on out refer to as Illy because it is easier to write and myself and the wyph have coined this phrase for ease of use, and I promptly stuck it in my basket. I also read on a blog, though which blog escapes me so I will link back to it again when I find it, that if you are a lipstick-phobe, or someone who just isnt really accustomed to wearing lipsticks (like me, im a glossaholic) then the gloss called Rouse is a lovely topcoat for the lipstick.

So I promptly popped that into my basket as well haha!I had a trawl around the site and decided I should just stick to what I had planned on getting and I made my purchase. [Though on further examination of the newest collection “Theatre of the Nameless” I really REALLY should have also purchased their new shimmer blusher in the nude shimmer colour because it is absolutely stunning! Next time though I hope!]

So, I ordered my Illy last week on Thursday or Friday thereabouts, and my order was delivered this morning (Friday) the following week. One week delivery is preeeettyyy amazing in my opinion! Anyways, without further ado, here are some pictures of my newest addition to my pretty substantial Illamasqua family.

Colour pay off: These are pretty opaque in one swatch, as you can see on my hand. The gloss is one small squeeze of lipgloss swiped lightly across my hand and the lipstick is literally, one swipe of the lipstick across the back of my hand.

The gloss stays a milky pink while the lipstick oxidises a little and instead of being quite so candy pink it warms up a little bit with the heat of your body and it looks a little more wearable.Longevity: I will come back and edit this with Longevity of wear because it is 10am and I havent worn them yet 😉

Scent: Illamasqua’s lip products smell nice to me, I never have an issue with scent and if I have a problem with scent I will refuse to wear a product. The lipstick doesn’t have too much of a scent, but the lipgloss smells slightly vanilla – y and sweet. Almost like a vanilla mixed with a refresher bar. Its not an unpleasant smell but if you are sensitive to scent I would reccomend going in person to smell these lipglosses to see if you would be offended or not.

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By GG’s resident Beauty Junkie Corinne Feeney

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