Last night saw the start of a brand new series of the fantastic ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ and we’re so happy that this year we actually recognise all of the celebs taking part. This is not normal…

Things got off to a great start with Samantha Fox and Gino D’Acampo taking on the first challenge: a swim to an island, on which they had to face some of the first challenges to earn food and beds for their fellow campmates. Samantha Fox surprised me with her willingness to get stuck in and her encouragement for Gino showed that she might not be quite as ‘car crash TV’ as we’d first expected! Still, it’s early days yet…

Whilst some of the celebs made their way to camp in the usual way (diving head first from a plane of course) I actually found it more interesting watching the ones who went in on horseback this year, the shot of them all wading through the water on their horses (who were clearly ready to bolt at any second!) was brilliant, Jimmy also unfortunately had a horse who didn’t want to move anywhere which was hilarious.

There seemed to be some great camaraderie between this bunch already, with Stuart on hand to help everyone out and Camilla coming across as being so friendly and down to earth that I think everyone will warm to her instantly in camp. Two of our faves so far!

Here’s our initial thoughts on each individual celebrity, let’s see if they change as the show goes on:

Justin Ryan – Funny, could get annoying as the series progresses but loving him so far!
Colin McAllister – Sweet and funny, hope Justin lets him get a word in edgeways.
Camilla Dallerup – Seems friendly and genuine, brings a positive energy to the group.
George Hamilton – A legend!
Gino D’Acampo – Did well in the first tasks, could be a big personality in camp.
Jimmy White – A bit quiet so far, we’re wondering what he’ll be like when he comes out of his shell.
Kim Woodburn – Larger than life personality, will either be really funny or really annoying.
Lucy Benjamin – Another quiet one so far.
Sabrina Washington – Haven’t seen much of her yet to form an opinion!
Sam Fox – Great in the first trials, not as annoying as we’d imagined! (Yet)
Stuart Manning – Very sexy, seems like a complete gentleman so far!

It was announced yesterday that Katie Price will also be joining them in the jungle. Let’s hope it doesn’t suddenly become ‘her show’ as I’m really enjoying seeing all the other celebrities so far and feel we’ve seen enough of Miss Price in the headlines lately!

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  • Watched it last night (I’ve never really got into it before) and I’m intrigued…
    Not sure I want to see gobby Jordan though. I think you’re right – there is a danger that she could try to make it the ‘Katie Price Show’.

  • Cant get enough of this series and so glad to see it back on our screens again! waiting for the bitching to begin between them all cos you know it happens evry year!! whats the point of putting Jordan back in though? once was enough in the jungle thanks!

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