Introducing body therapies – An antidote to the 24/7 life, by Molton Brown…


Stressed, restless and over-tired, run-down or over-worked? Discover an answer to the physical strains of travel, work, family and generally hectic aspects of life, with Molton Brown body therapies…

An ultimate range of unwinding and uplifting remedies to treat the entire body, this highly effective, results-driven range has been created especially to counteract the daily grind and the effects on skin, body and mind. With four unique ranges of products all containing newly discovered and fully active ingredients sourced from exotic, far flung destinations around the globe – create your own bespoke rescue-range to combat the many differing needs of life, head-on.

Nurture tired skin, or help the body Unwind after a long day. Purify with the help of antioxidants, or drift away into quiet Sleep. Whatever problem-solving your complex life demands, Molton Brown delivers you the benefits in one unique package.


PURIFY the skin, workout the body & enliven the mind
Owing to the time-poor lifestyles of today, we all choose speed and ease over a more lengthy, healthy alternative – whether that be attending the gym, eating healthily or an arduous daily body-scrubbing regime – so for an easy everyday health-boost, and to promote radiant looking skin with a healthy glow, give the body a workout with Molton Brown’s purify range. With natural grape leaf from the Ardeche region of France and lychee extract, originally native to Southern China, give the skin a daily boost with products rich in antioxidants to leave the body feeling invigorated, cleansed and purified of environmental pollutants.

The hero of the purify range – Ambrusca firming body tonic – contains a unique combination of active amino acids and minerals, to enrich the skin and protect from environmental stresses of city life and travel. With toning effects delivered through high-molecular weight proteins from an Argan tree kernel extract, found in southern Morocco, circulation is boosted and skin-tone visibly improved.  Purify products combine a dry, clean, woody aromatic fragrance, with a delicate gardenia complex to vitalise body and mind, whilst skin is thoroughly cleansed and left toned and with a radiant glow.

The purify range:
Ambrusca body wash and polish – give dull, listless skin a powerful boost once or twice a week
Ambrusca bath and shower – gently cleanse and vitalise out-of-condition skin
Ambrusca body tonic – refresh, tone and tighten lifeless skin with hydrating minerals and vitamins

Calm, smooth and NURTURE from head-to-toe
Factors of daily life cause unavoidable harm to the skin, through over-exposure to elements of air-conditioning, central heating, pollution and the sun. Molton Brown’s nurture range of body therapies treats and calms ravaged and environmentally stressed skin through a unique blend of polyphenols and tannins, known to have soothing effects on the skin. A combination of highly effective, active ingredients have been meticulously researched and sourced from around the globe, to create the ultimate range in skin soothing. Whether your needs are to cleanse, bathe, or quench the skin, cocoon your body in this delicate tropical fragrance.

The hero of the nurture range – Desert bloom ultrabalm – forms a protective shield around the face and body whilst soothing the skin. With active ingredients such as blue ageratum leaf – used by natives of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia for centuries due to the comforting benefits of the sap – this ultrabalm is perfect for uncomfortable skin and the problem-areas that daily life and the elements bring on. Soothe flaky elbows, dried-out knees and sensitive chapped-skin, whilst moisturising and protecting from future damage caused by the elements.

The nurture range:
Desert bloom bathing milk – soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive skin with this desert plant extract
Desert bloom intensive hand cream – smooth, hydrate and minimise appearance of age-spots
Desert bloom ultrabalm – soothe, hydrate and protect rough, dry and chapped skin
Desert bloom shower cream – soften and moisturise dry, sensitive skin
Desert bloom body quencher – dramatically enhances the texture of dry, stressed and sun-kissed skin

After a long, hard day UNWIND body & mind
Whether globe-trekking or enduring a hard and fast daily commute, treat lack-lustre skin and revive and unwind an over-active mind with the ozonic fragrance of tropical island aromas. The unique products of this varied range aid and cool neglected feet, legs & ankles and relax aching muscles, by boosting microcirculation through massage with active ingredients of pine bark extract and galangal; whilst raspberry oil, shea butter and inca inchi oil, found in the Peruvian Amazon, hydrate the body and lock in moisture.

The hero of the unwind range – Atoll crystal bath soak – blends a unique combination of soothing salts, sourced from the West Windward Isles and the Dead Sea, known for their ability to improve the look and feel of the skin. After a long soak, dry-massage Samphire vital body oil into the skin – with it’s combination of natural oils of the richest essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and 3) and vitamins A & E, rock samphire, rich in iodine, and monoi de Tahiti – to rehydrate and shield. Take a break from hectic life and enjoy some well-deserved downtime wrapped in a warm, oceanic fragrance.

The unwind range:
Atoll crystal bath soak – flush impurities and boost skin’s appearance with mineral-rich sea crystals
Samphire vital body oil – relax stressed-out muscles, boost circulation and improve skin condition
Island pine leg soother – massage and lighten tired heavy legs, for tone and improved circulation
Pagoda tree foot cream – refresh and soothe feet with the anti-ageing powers of pagoda tree bud
Island sand foot exfoliator – exfoliate and smooth neglected feet with Bora Bora Island sand and shea butter

Prepare the body for a restful night SLEEP
When the mind is over-active and restless after a long day in the office, long-haul travel or after the general stresses and strains of daily life, this incredibly effective combination of sleep-enhancing products will promote restful slumber, whatever your troubles. Potent essential oils of Moroccan Atlas Mountain cedrus cedarwood, Bulgarian lavender and sweet Florida oil all have proven properties for the enhancement of restful sleep. With the relaxing aroma of rest weaving its way through these bedtime therapies, from bath time to shut-eye, relaxation is the only possible sensation you will experience.

The hero product of the sleep range – Cedrus room-aroma rocks – is a magic box, perfect for those nights when sleep eludes you. Simply open up the box and let the gentle aromas of cedrus and lavender oils pervade the air and diffuse, to create a sleep-enhancing atmosphere that invites comfort and calm for mind, body and soul.

The sleep range:
Cedrus bathing elixir – cleanse the body, relax muscles and comfort the mind
Cedrus tree soothing massage oil – promote relaxation and prepare skin and body for sleep
Cedrus temple soother – lightly massage onto the temples to maintain relaxation through the night
Cedrus room-aroma rocks – scent your environment and create a relaxing ambiance for sleep

Molton Brown body therapies launch January 15th 2009 at all UK emporia and at

Prices of products range from £18 – £30 – with travel sizes available, perfect for trial and travel

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