Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Relationship?

When you’re all loved up, it can be easy to see everything like it’s rose-tinted. Life feels wonderful, and when he’s holding you, the rest of the world seems just to melt away. Your romance might be whirlwind, or it might be long term. Love has a powerful control over us. No wonder it is so addictive!

But how can you be sure that your relationship is perfect? When you’re thinking about the rest of your life, you might be thinking about a marriage commitment. You want to be certain he is the one. And you need to be sure your relationship is perfect. So how can you do that?

A new website called Unperfection highlights that none of us is perfect, because we are all so unique. If we’re not perfect, then we can’t expect our relationships to be perfect. If you look at some of the longest marriages between people in your lives you can see that. No relationship is wonderful every second of every day.

Instead, married couples have to work at it. If you ask what the secret is to the longevity of the marriage, then you’ll probably find the answer is tolerance. It’s about having the patience to grin and bear all those things that don’t meet your idea of perfect in the other person. That can be hard. Some relationships fall apart because those issues become too big to bear.

Only time will tell whether you are tenacious enough to tolerate each other and still be in love no matter what. You might have to forgive him from time to time. He will also have to forgive you because none of us is perfect. We are all human, and we make mistakes.

Most married couples do have things in common, though. This can give the impression you are a perfect match for each other. Perhaps you share a hobby or an interest? You might be work colleagues or high school sweethearts. It could be that you share the same circle of friends.


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Don’t forget that these things can change over time. We all grow and mature as people. But that doesn’t mean you will grow apart. You will undoubtedly find you have other things in common. You might have children together, and then grandchildren. You might buy a nice home together, or even a sports car.

Life happens, and you will both move through it in your own unique ways. But a good marriage means you are there to support each other and to understand each other’s point of view. You don’t have to agree with each other’s opinion. You just need to be respectful enough to acknowledge it is valid to that person.

So are all these points the way to ensure you have the perfect marriage. Of course not. Just as every individual is unique, so is every relationship. Sometimes you just have to have faith that the two of you will make it, no matter what. Can you have a perfect relationship? Perhaps, if you’re willing to forgive those moments when it isn’t!

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