Jimu Tankbot – build-from-scratch robot kit

The Jimu Robot from UBTECH is mega cool! Do people still say cool? Anyway, we were very impressed with this little guy. First off, the packaging is great! Inside each little box, there are different parts that you need to build your tank bot.

Unlike most toys, the tank bot doesn’t come with any instructions. Instead, you simply download the app and you are shown step by step how to build your Jimu. I am quite a visual person. So, I found it much easier to follow that reading a whole sheet of paper.

Building our Jimu

Building our Jimu and watching him come to life was so exciting! It took around an hour, but if you’re like me and you like creating things like this, then you will LOVE the Jimu!

Although Jimu is designed for children age 8 and up, I actually waited until the kids were in bed so I could enjoy putting our robot together on my own and have the first go!

Once you have your tank bot built and ready to go, here comes the fun part! Once you have finished charging him up, you can now play around with the features on the app. There are several codes pre-installed already so you can just click them and get your TankBot going. Just the usual ‘Move Forward’ ‘Turn Left’ ‘turn right’ etc..

Located in the app, you can get to work on your coding skills to really make your Jimu come to life and create your own build and block actions.  Basically, the idea is, you get to create your own movements for your TankBot.

It’s no secret that computers and coding etc are the future, so I think TankBots are a fantastic way to make learning code fun for kids (and adults). After all, by the time our children are adults, there will be more code around than ever so I think it’s very important they learn it now.

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