John Sergeant Quits Strictly Come Dancing?

Reports seem to be flying in that the quirky yet strangely loveable John Sergeant has quit Strictly Come Dancing. If this is true then I for one can see the show losing a few viewers over this!

John had been constantly kept in the show, week after week despite harsh and often cruel comments by all of the judges about his dancing… They basically argued that because John is staying in other better dancers are having to leave the competition. That’s a fair enough point, but surely the show is an entertainment show not a serious competition? Correct me if I’m wrong!

I think it’s a shame that John has quit after so many of the public voted to keep him in, and would have loved to have seen him get all the way to the final. He added a much needed element of fun to the show this year and will be sadly missed on Saturday night if he’s not there.

What do you guys think? Did you vote for John, or did The Sergeant do the right thing by quitting the show? Leave us a comment in the box below folks! …

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