Coca-Cola light / diet Coke takes another stylish step into fashion this Spring by announcing its second fashion collaboration with international creative genius, Karl Lagerfeld. The world-renowned designer will create not one but three new and exclusive designs for the iconic Coca-Cola light / diet Coke bottle.

Available in twelve countries across Europe from April 2011, the ‘Coca-Cola light / diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld’ is totally irresistible and is set to become the perfect accessory for style conscious women everywhere.

Using the light and playful elements of his identifiable trademark style, such as graphic cuts, a contrasting black and white palette and clean lines broken with colour or detailing – Karl Lagerfeld has created a bold, contemporary yet instantly recognisable collection.

Referring to his first design for Coca-Cola light in 2010, Karl Lagerfeld said, “I love this bottle but it’s time for a new one. Actually I want to do three bottles.” He also added, “I loved what we did last year but I will love 2011 even more. I’m delighted about this collaboration.”

For this collection, Karl Lagerfeld has taken inspiration from the new Coca-Cola light / diet Coke heroines; Bernadette, Eleanor and Irene, the stylish puppets will appear in the brand’s latest TV campaign launching across Europe.

Karl Lagerfeld perfectly encapsulates the Coca-Cola light / diet Coke ‘lighter approach to fashion’. For this exclusive collection, he adds a playful and light dimension by capturing the humorous and fun personalities of each of the Coca-Cola light / diet Coke girls, through each of the bottles.

The first design, inspired by Bernadette, is both romantic and modern – a chic polka dot pattern in brushed metal grey contrasts with glossy white. The second bottle is true fashion, bringing Eleanor’s personality to life with a strong vibrant pink swirl encircling the bottle. The third design, in-line with Irene’s rock chick personality, has a harder, more dramatic look featuring a bold stud pattern.

All three designs feature Karl Lagerfeld’s famous and instantly recognisable silhouette – the designs are also numbered (1,2,3) which makes these beautiful bottles truly ‘must have’ collectibles.

The ‘Coca-Cola light / diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld’ bottles will be available individually or as a set in an exclusive stylish prism-shaped Collector’s Box created by the designer.

As well as designing the collection, Karl Lagerfeld, already a reputable photographer within the fashion industry, has shot the Coca-Cola light / diet Coke advertising campaign featuring supermodels Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount and Jeneil Williams. Just like the bottles, each of these three supermodels has a distinct, individual look whilst working in perfect harmony together.

Inspired by the Coca-Cola light/ diet Coke girls, these models will bring to life the characters of the puppets and perfectly encapsulate the brand’s playful and fashionable spirit.

Karl Lagerfeld is pleased with the latest collection and campaign, he comments,  “It’s exciting for me because I love the idea and as everybody knows, I drink Coke light and nothing else, night and day. It was pure pleasure to do a campaign with people I like and for a product I love.

Further exciting activity to celebrate this fashionable partnership is planned for later in the year, so watch this space…

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